Why is My Jade Plant Floppy with Wrinkled Leaves?

My Jade plant branches are floppy like rubber; they used to be firm & upright. The leaves are wrinkled and dry with the look of crystallization. It is in my front window facing west (afternoon sun)and I water it weekly, just a little. Am I not watering enough?

As succulents, jade plants don't need a lot of water, especially during the winter months. The symptoms you describe suggest that your plant isn't getting enough moisture into the plant. However, that could be because it has gotten too much moisture (enough to cause root rot), or because it is not getting enough moisture. Check the root system. Tip the plant on its side and slide it out of the pot. If it has a strong, solid root system, it must not be getting enough moisture. If the roots are soft or mushy, it may be overwatered. 

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