10 Top-Rated Indoor Plant Pots on Amazon That Cost $30 or Less

Every plant needs a good home. 
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Patterned ceramic terracotta planter in a living room
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Now that you spend the majority of your time indoors, it's hard not to think about upgrading, rearranging, and sprucing up your living space. And though it's fun to splurge every now and again, you don't need to spend a lot of money on new home decor, especially if you keep indoor plants. All you truly need are stylish plant pots to zhuzh up a room. 

No matter what kind of planter you gravitate toward, Melinda Myers, a horticulturist and the host of How to Grow Anything, tells Better Homes & Gardens that the pot absolutely must have a drainage hole. "No matter how experienced a gardener you are, it is difficult, if not impossible, to know exactly how much water is needed," she says. That's why everyone should monitor their watering habits. If you tend to be a heavy pourer, opt for indoor plant pots with materials like terracotta or ceramic, which tend to dry out excess water lying at the bottom better than plastic or glazed options, Myers explains. 

However, if you discover a pot without drainage holes that you love, try the double potting method. Add some pebbles to the bottom of the decorative pot and place your planter with drainage holes inside. No more plant drowning and it creates a happy ecosystem for your plant.

For bigger plants, it's smart to consider heavier, larger indoor pots. Not only will they give low-maintenance plants like Chinese evergreens, ponytail palms, and snake plants enough room to grow, but they'll also create stability, too, as you won't need to repot as frequently. Large indoor plant pots also make a statement in the corner of a room. You can additionally opt for hanging plant pots that save space and are great for easy-to-grow air plants.

Here are 10 unique pots for indoor plants with high ratings from Amazon shoppers. 

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planter pots
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D'vine Dev Terracotta Planter Pots

The striking geometric design of these indoor flower pots makes quite the statement and shoppers especially love that they are terracotta. The 4-inch and 6-inch clay-based pots in this set contain drainage holes to let out excess water. Add different plants to each and group them together to create a cohesive look. 

Buy It: D'vine Dev Terracotta Planter Pots ($27, Amazon)

aerating pot
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

HBServices Self-Water Draining Pot

Check a chore off your list with this self-watering planter that stores up liquid in a reservoir under the pot. Designed to hold enough water for at least two weeks, the 10-inch pot sits on four legs above the reservoir to prevent root rot, which can occur when your plant is exposed to water for too long. The planter has a classic aesthetic that can blend into several different decor styles

Buy It: HBServices Self-Water Draining Pot, $23 (was $25, Amazon)

ceramic pot
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Potey Cement Flower Pot

This eye-popping beauty will brighten up a room. The cement flower pot has a gorgeous overlapping leaf design and is available in six bright colors. Cement pots like this 4.8-inch one are incredibly durable and sturdy, and you'll appreciate that heft if you're growing a top-heavy plant that likes to topple over any chance it gets. 

Buy It: Potey Cement Flower Pot ($21, Amazon)

window box planter
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Suream Window Box Planter Pot

You may give your plants a ton of TLC, but if they're still wilting, they might need a bit more sunshine. They'll be grateful to sit in a sunny windowsill in this 12-inch box planter that's specifically designed for narrow spaces. The set of three is made with durable non-toxic plastic, comes with drainage holes, and is long enough to accommodate multiple plants, like succulents. You can even set up a miniature herb garden that you can use for cooking. 

Buy It: Suream Window Box Planter Pot ($19, Amazon)

hanging planter
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Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

This chic hanging plant pot draws you in at eye level as it hangs from the ceiling or wall via a stable hook. Its white exterior and gold accents look luxurious, but it doesn't have a high price tag; in fact, it's on sale right now. Keep in mind that this 6-inch pick does not have drainage holes, so place your plant in a grow bag to protect it from overwatering. 

Buy It: Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter, $31 (was $40, Amazon)

mounted planter
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Lily's Home Wall Mounted Planter Pot

Is farmhouse decor more your style? A galvanized metal pot like this one will fit right in with your home design and give indoor plants a nice place to live without taking up too much floor space—and just look at that dainty pattern along the front. It also easily attaches to walls or windows with the help of a hook or suction cup, and it has enough room to hold smaller plants in a grow bag. 

Buy It: Lily's Home Wall Mounted Planter Pot ($13, Amazon)

ceramic hanging planter
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Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Pot

This 5-inch modern macrame hanging planter offers several advantages. Since it's suspended from the ceiling, it increases the amount of space for plants in your home. Additionally, Myers points out that pots like these will protect your plants from your pets (and vice versa). It's really a win-win situation. 

Buy It: Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Pot ($16, Amazon)

ceramic flower pot
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Sun-E Marbling Ceramic Succulent Pot

Greenery on a coffee table or desk contributes to a serene ambiance, and these stone-like pots take it up a notch. The gorgeous marble detailing of the mini succulent pots have a natural yet sophisticated appearance. But look a little closer, and you'll see that the 3.3-inch pots are actually made with moisture-wicking ceramic, which soaks up excess water. Mix and match your favorite colors, or pick up one of each—they all blend well together. 

Buy It: Sun-E Marbling Ceramic Succulent Pot, $18 (was $20, Amazon)

ceramic planter
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Rivet Geometric Ceramic Pot

Whether you're grouping indoor plants together or spreading them throughout your home, this 5-inch stoneware geometric pot is a must-have. It's available in three sizes to accommodate a range of plants and five subtle colors that play well with each other. The unassuming planter with drainage holes are extremely popular with Amazon shoppers: More than 1,100 of them have rated it five stars. 

Buy It: Rivet Geometric Ceramic Pot, from $13 (was from $20 Amazon)

ceramic wood stand
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La Jolie Muse Ceramic Plant Pot

This gorgeous blue and white pot rests in a wood planter holder, setting it apart from others on this list. The 7.3-inch pot itself has a hand-painted design, so no two pots look exactly the same. It's available in medium and large sizes that can house various plants; set the medium atop a foyer table and the large on the floor in the dining room.

Buy It: La Jolie Muse Ceramic Plant Pot ($30, Amazon)