How to Propagate Succulents

Propagating succulents is an easy, convenient way to save money and multiply your plant supply. Here are three easy ways to get more succulent for your buck.

Succulent plants are a great and easy addition to any gardener's collection. Propagation is an easy way to continuously breed this tough plant, and depending on the type of succulent, there are three easy ways. You only need a few materials to start the process: succulent plants, a small pot, perlite, potting mix, and a crafts knife.

Leaf Cutting

Simply start by cutting off a few leaves from a grown succulent. From there, place the leaves in a pot filled with perlite. The plant will root in a few weeks.

Stem Cutting

You can also cut a few stems from the mother plant to propagate succulents. Trim a minimum of two sections at the node of the plant place in perlite.


Remove the pup from the main plant. Place the pup in potting mix, and care as you would usually for a succulent.


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