Fairy Garden Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

Fairy Garden
Creative play gets a natural start with salvaged and botanical materials in a fairy garden.


These beautiful fairy garden cottages can become the focal point for a miniature landscape decorated with cast-off corks and other repurposed items. Given an assortment of raw materials, children (or adults) can create all manner of lovelies, such as this fairy sleeping in a mossy woodland bed.

Fairy Furniture

Gather an assortment of natural and manufactured materials, trying not to be too literal about shapes and composition. Twigs, wood knots, mosses, stones, dried botanicals (purchased or foraged), and metal, glass, or plastic odds and ends can become ingredients for tiny furniture or features. Even though it might be impossible for anyone to prove it, fairies surely must need a nap now and then. Salvaged metal labels become headboard and footboard in the little bed.

Sleep, Little Baby

A fairy baby with a daisy-fresh face naps in a mossy bed. 

Fairy Natural

Make a fairy for your little garden using a combination of purchased and found items, as the young artist here did. Materials include skeleton leaves, an old earring, sola wood flower, bleached bakuli pod, cane cone. Attach with low-temp glue gun or with a quick-drying adhesive.

Landscape Design

Not many full-size gardens can boast a swing made from old clothespins, or garden walls and paths from a hollow log and small stones. And the best part? You can easily take things apart and completely change your design.

Walls of Wine

Walls of outdoor rooms needn’t reach to the sky -- they can be outlined with anything, such as wine corks.

Forest Fairy

Silk flower petals become wings, and twigs become arms.

Vintage Dress-Up

Give a small vintage oil can a natural costume using pods for its face and hat.

Through the Little Glass

Glass ramekins become little ponds in the garden.

Tireless Toy

A tire from an old toy truck makes a perfect sandbox for this playful fairy.

Spread Your Wings

Skeleton leaves become gossamer-light wings for fairies but could also become curtains, blankets, capes, and more. 

Creative Curly

Twist florists wire into fairy fingers or curly hair.

Outdoor Dining

A tiny umbrella table and chairs come to life using a cast-off gear as the base and a small metal baking mold as the umbrella. Wine corks provide comfy seating for fairies.

Comfy Chic

A cushion of moss makes fairy furniture more comfortable.

Fairy Creative

This fairy garden can be wheeled to a front door to welcome guests, or it can be moved to a patio, where it becomes a party conversation piece.

Finding Magic

Much of the charm of fairy gardens is the whimsy of finding "secret" treasures among the plants. This newly planted ivy will soon fill out the pot and shelter the nest and the fairy among its leaves.

Lifelike Landscape

There is no rule that a miniature landscape must have a fairy in it, and many gardeners prefer to create vistas that are smaller versions of real, life-size landscapes.

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