Creative Terrariums: Your How-To Guide to Succulents and Moss

Terrariums are the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of nature inside. I love to design sweet miniature gardens, especially during the winter months when everything is dead outside. They are easy to make and even easier to maintain. See below for what you need and how to make trendy succulent gardens as well as romantic moss terrariums.

Succulent Garden: What You Need

Succulents come in a variety of textures and colors and are easy to grow and maintain. Here's what you need to make your own.

  • Small rocks or gravel
  • Glass container with a wide mouth
  • Potting soil designed for cacti and succulents
  • Watering can
  • Trowel
  • Cacti and succulents
  • Other decorative objects (optional)

Succulent Garden Instructions

Here's how to make a succulent garden in a few simple steps. If you are a visual learner, watch the two-minute video and see just how easy it is to make your own!

  1. Put a layer of small rocks on the bottom of your container for drainage.
  2. Place potting soil on top of the rocks. Moisten soil.
  3. Using a trowel or your hands, arrange your cacti and succulents in the soil and fill extra space with rocks. I found some beautiful flowering succulents that add color to my garden. I used these as the centerpiece and placed smaller cacti around the perimeter of the dish. Add decorative rocks and other objects as desired to create interest in your container garden. Place your garden in a sunny spot and water when the soil feels dry again.

Moss Terrarium: What You Need

There is something so romantic about a moss terrarium. Here are materials needed to make your own.

  • Activated charcoal pieces
  • Glass container
  • Potting soil
  • Terrarium plants
  • Sheet moss
  • Watering can

Moss Terrarium Instructions

Here's how to make your own moss terrarium.

  1. Pour 1-2 inches of charcoal pieces into the container.
  2. Mix remaining charcoal pieces with soil and fill the container one-fourth to one-third full.
  3. Add plants and moss on top of the soil. Pack more soil around each plant to ensure the roots are covered.
  4. Water and place in a well-lit area.

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