Air Plant Display Ideas

Love air plants, but not sure how to display them? Get inspired by these unique air plant creations.

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    Basic Basket

    A wooden harvest basket makes a dramatic living bouquet when filled with spiky, tall Tillandsia fasciulata hemmed by a necklace of T. 'Houston' (T. stricta x recurvifolia).


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    File Them Away

    A metal filing cabinet is the perfect staging for Spanish moss as well as T. duratii, T. brachycaulos 'Abdita', and T. 'Houston'.

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    Go Vintage

    These vintage 1950s metal tool files are the perfect fit for Tillandsia andreana, with the sea-urchinlike T. caput-medusae sitting on top.

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    5 More Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Air Plants

    See stunning ways to show off your air plants, indoors and out.

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    Hang Tight

    Suspended from the ceiling or window frame, air plants in glass capsules make a one-of-a-kind statement.

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    Spool Them

    While some people might see them as castoffs, wooden spools serve as the perfect pedestal for plants like T. andreana (which will someday sprout a tomato-red flower). Here, a wood burl also works as a no-cost display.

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    Bring the Outdoors In

    Add air plants, moss, and other plant materials for a low-maintenance, all-natural centerpiece you can display anywhere.

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    Make Them Portable

    A vintage bucket with Spanish moss makes for an easily movable vessel. 

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    Make Like a Tree

    Tillandsia are accustomed to clinging to treetops in tropical forests. Let your air plants take flight -- perch a few on decorative tabletop bases and they'll feel right at home.

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    Strength in Numbers

    Repeat the same plant (here, Tillandsia duratii), for a cohesive look. 

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    The New Faux Flowers

    Tillandsia xerographica gives the appearance of a bouquet of fresh flowers when grouped together in this vintage metal container. 

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    Toast to Cork

    Hollow cork logs are natural, renewable, sustainable, and they make a one-of-a-kind vertical display for air plants such as T. 'Eric Knobloch'.

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    Recycle Your Glasses

    Pretty drinkware finds a new purpose when versatile air plants nestle in. 

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    Make a Green Chandelier

    Attach air plants to a hanging outdoor fixture to create a stunning, living focal point.

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