5 Stunning Air Plant Ideas

Air plants add unique interest to any space. See inspiring ways to style air plants for an even bigger impact.

Air plants add unique interest to any space. See inspiring ways to style air plants for an even bigger impact.

Air plants are the latest and greatest for easy, low-maintenance gardening. These unique varieties can live indoors or outdoors and can be made into stylish and impressive displays. Here are some of our favorite ideas for showing off your air plants.

Hanging Air Plants

Since air plants don't need to be planted in soil, it's easy to hang them for added height, impact, and style. Place a few air plants into glass terrariums of different shapes and sizes, then hang them in front of a window. The natural light shining through the hanging vessels will make the green plants pop. For an outdoor hanging look, use thrifted metal cages or lanterns to suspend air plants from trees. Just make sure to hang them low enough so you can give them a spritz of water as needed.

Air Plant Wreath

Display your favorite air plants on your front door or hearth by attaching them to a wreath. Whether you choose an evergreen wreath, a willow wreath, or a wire form, air plants add distinct texture and quirkiness to decor. Fill the entire wreath with air plants, or include one large plant as the focal point.

Antique Arrangements

Use air plants to enhance favorite vintage finds and family heirlooms. Air plants can survive almost anywhere they can get air circulation, so atop items like antique spools, urns, and accessories is the perfect place for them. All eyes will be on the air plants and the meaningful items holding them.

Display in Drawers

Try placing air plants into metal or wood drawer units. Old mailboxes, filing drawers, and organizing units contrast beautifully with the organic lines and bright colors of air plants. On units with multiple drawers, pull out drawers throughout the display to hold a few air plants, creating a vertical visual display.

Air Plant Chandelier

Invert a metal fruit basket to create an air plant chandelier. Thin wire dangles air plants below the basket and added crystal beads add a bit of bling. In the right spot, this chandelier design makes it look as though the air plants are floating.


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