This Clever TikTok Song Teaches You How to Propagate Houseplants

The viral tune just might inspire you to show off your own plant prowess.

Propagating your plants is so rewarding. Not only are you the proud owner of a healthy plant, but through propagation, you also can make even more plants to enjoy or to gift to some lucky friends of family members. So, of course people love to share their propagation joy on social media. Thanks to TikTok user @singitcorey, there's even a catchy tune to use if you're sharing your plant babies on social media. This musical gardener uploaded a video propagating his fiddle-leaf fig while singing a song about how to propagate the plant, inspiring others to show off their propagations.

The lyrics to his ditty are, "When you buy a little plant, and it's doing great, you break off a piece, and you propagate. You make another plant. Oh, yeah, a baby brother plant." The fun video has garnered more than 635,000 views, 107,000 likes, and hundreds of comments. (Not to mention others using the audio on their own propagation videos.) Many of the comments praised both the gardening technique and the lovely voice.

"I listened to this so many times! This is the anthem!" One person wrote. Another commenter added, "I will never not sing this now when I'm in my garden." After one person commented, "But how do you do it? Break off a piece and just plant it? Tutorial please? Pretty please?" @singitcorey responded with a more in-depth video and a new song.

The new version shows @singitcorey propagating a peperomia. His latest lyrics are, "It's time to propagate. Two nodes are good, but three are great. You need good dirt and a little pot. Put 'em together; keep 'em wet and hot to make another plant. Oh, yeah, a baby brother plant."

If you check out the original song on TikTok, you'll see it has inspired more than 1,300 videos of other gardeners propagating plants, including a pilea, a pothos, a fuschia, and many more. (Several people even humorously used the tune in videos showing them "propagating" their pets from a clump of loose fur.) The TikTok trend is fun, snappy, and it's even helping out plant parents learn how to successfully propagate their houseplants. You might even get some ideas for new plants to buy just so you can try propagating them after checking out the videos. And then of course, you'll have to post your own video of the propagation song! While you're on TikTok, follow the Better Homes & Gardens TikTok account and maybe you'll see our spin on the trend soon, too!

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