Letter boards have been taking over Instagram and are speaking to green thumbs everywhere. Here are some of our favorite garden quotes.

By Jenny Krane
February 22, 2019

We're seeing them everywhere: birth announcements, wedding photo booths, or just sitting on a shelf yelling sassy things. Letter boards have become the perfect place to display your favorite mantra, quip, or quote—like your own miniature marquee. Plant lovers are sharing their letter boards all over Instagram, and we couldn't help but highlight a few of our favorites.

We love a good encouraging quote to get people outside and into the garden. All of the everyday suggestions we get to improve our lives—eat more vegetables, stay present, stay fit—can be accomplished on a plot of fertile land. All you need is a rake, a shovel, and some seeds.

You can never have enough plants—at least that's our philosophy! And when you see a great houseplant by the checkout at the grocery store, it's hard to resist. So, just buy it! If it brings you joy, it's 100% worth the investment.

There is nothing wrong with being a plant lady (or man). In fact, we encourage it. You're the superheroes of the natural world. Gardening isn't an effortless hobby, and skill and success with plant parenting should be celebrated.

A good play on words is always a win in our book. After a long, cold winter, there's nothing like planting those first annuals in the containers on your patio or watching bulbs peep up out of the ground. As exciting as it is, make sure you're only wetting your plants.

We couldn't agree more. Although they're different from animals and humans, plants are living things, too. We have more in common with our green friends than we think—take IKEA's plant bullying experiment, for instance.

Everyone needs some encouragement—even gardeners. We love the simplicity of this letter board, and the anthurium behind it is indoor garden goals. #GetGrowing!


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