Plants are the new flower arrangements.

By Nicole Bradley
Updated February 12, 2019

02/08/2019 — As beautiful as a fresh bouquet of flowers can be, their lifespan is relatively short when compared to other live plants. Say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day with something that will last a little longer! Also known as Valentine plant, sweetheart hoya is the adorable green friend we’re all wanting for Valentine’s Day this year.

Terra-cotta pots and gravel make the perfect home for these hearts. Place them on a windowsill or a bookshelf for a cute, green, and loveable piece of decor. Remember when dolphin succulents were taking over the Internet? Sweetheart hoyas are similar but heart-shaped!

A little background on this waxy succulent plant: its scientific name is Hoya kerrii. The heart-shape variety is native to Southeast Asia and loves the sun, so give it plenty! Hoyas are also fairly easy to propagate, so once it starts growing pups you can share with friends.

Like most thick plants, sweetheart hoya is slow-growing, so you won’t have to worry about repotting it any time soon. It can stay inches tall for years! Eventually, hoya will start to sprout sister stems and clusters of flowers will emerge all around the pot it's in.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking to put a smile on your Valentine's face this year—sweetheart hoya will surely do it. We love this hoya plant, available on Amazon, which comes in a cute "punny" pot. And you can't go wrong with a play on words. The tiny plant comes straight from Costa Farms, fully rooted and ready to go.

Buy it: Costa Farms Live Hoya Heart, $20, Amazon


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