Get Potted Succulent Plants With This $10 Monthly Subscription Box

You'll receive two new plant babies each month!

Plant lovers know that you can never have too many houseplants, and it's difficult to stop once you start collecting them. Succulents are some of the easiest houseplants you can grow. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so they're a favorite among beginners and pros alike.

If you like to regularly add new plants to your home or desk, Succulent Studios will send you two succulents every month for just $10. However, if you decide your indoor garden is large enough or want to focus on planting outdoors, you can skip a shipment without getting charged or canceling your subscription.

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The company is based in California, with a nursery in Fallbrook and a fulfillment center in Long Beach. Most of the succulents they include in their subscription boxes are babies, usually only about 8 weeks old. Each one is planted in a 2-inch pot before shipping, so while they'll arrive tiny, you don't have to worry about repotting them immediately.

Each month, you'll get two unique succulents in your package. Each month the company announces on social media the plants they're sending, so you can opt to skip a month if they're sending out succulents you already have. In the past, Succulent Studios has sent out plants like string of pearls, Pachyphytum oviferum 'Moonstones,' and blue spruce sedum.

Succulent Studios ships all its plants in plastic-free packaging and uses organic growing media and fertilizer in their greenhouse. When your succulent arrives, they'll be planted in coconut coir (more environmentally friendly than peat moss) and biodegradable pots. The pots will last for the first watering or two, so you don't have to repot your succulents right away, but after a few weeks, they'll start to soften. When that happens, transfer the entire plant (including the biodegradable pot) into a new container and fill it with soil.

Even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to keep succulents alive and thriving. Succulent Studios includes care instructions with each shipment, and most succulents have similar needs. They generally like bright light (a sunny windowsill is perfect), well-drained soil, and a good watering every week or two. Succulents store water in their leaves and can tolerate periods of drought, so let the soil dry out before watering them again.

Succulent Studios will ship anywhere in the U.S. for a flat rate of $6.50. You can subscribe for $10 per month on their website and gift subscriptions if you know a plant lover looking to add more unusual succulents to their home. You'll have your own tiny, thriving indoor garden in just a few months!

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