Join fellow succulent enthusiasts in this new Instagram challenge! This creative succulent arrangement idea will leave you with a houseplant project you'll be proud to share.

By Jenny Krane
Image courtesy of @oneluckyjade

10/3/18—We are absolutely obsessed with this new Instagram trend: #succiepotinapot. Gardeners are using their favorite flower pots and succulents to create the silhouette of a potted succulent INSIDE of a pot. It's like succulent inception. This hashtag has become a challenge among friends—after you create your own #succiepotinapot, you tag the person you want to challenge next in the caption. And the cycle continues! Keep the challenge going and create an adorable succulent garden you'll want to show off on Instagram.

There are over 200 succulent gardens tagged to #succiepotinapot since we started seeing these planters in August. Most participants tag @succulentsuz and @luv_succs as the inspiration for the challenge. While we typically think of container gardens vertically, this challenge forces gardeners to think of their succulent gardens as a flat lay Instagram photo. Succulent planters are exploring this challenge on different scales, color schemes, and themes. Check out some of our favorite challenge results and get inspired to make a #succiepotinapot that's true to you.

This colorful #succiepotinapot was one of the first challengers on Instagram. Terra-cotta and orange gravel set a tone for the overall look of the mini garden. The succulent display gives the illusion of thriller, filler, and spiller varieties filling and trailing over the edge of the half-buried pot. The stemmy succulent varieties extend over the lip of the larger pot to give the arrangement a 3D look.

A #succiepotinapot can be whatever you want it to be, and this one proves it. Instagrammer @justgrowsucculents included a ceramic owl pot in her garden for whimsy. The light gray stones surrounding the design contrast well with the dark teal, pink, and chartreuse succulents.

Create a succulent garden that doubles as holiday decor. The succulents in this design are laid out to look like a Christmas tree, complete with a star-shape plant at the top. String-of-pearls create green garlands, and the pastel hues of the succulents pop against an almost-black base.

Don't feel limited to only using flower pots in your #succieinapotinapot. Your favorite coffee mug, pitchers, and jars can find a place in this challenge. This bright blue creamer matches the outside pot and stands out among dark soil. Succulents of red, purple, and green make the small pitcher look like it's overflowing with foliage.

Size matters—at least in this Insta challenge, it does. This adorable #succiepotinapot is only about the size of your palm but still boasts colorful, tiny succulents. Chia seeds surround the inside pot, creating the perfect miniature textured backdrop.

We believe artists when they say that the canvas can be as important as the subject. Choosing sand, gravel, polished rocks, or seeds as toppers can make a difference in the overall look of a succulent garden. Suzi from @oneluckyjade's smart design uses white and green pebbles to accentuate the pattern on the haworthia succulent, which gives the pot height.


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