Happy 2019! Before we officially say goodbye to 2018, let's give an ode to our top 10 Pinterest ideas from last year in the garden world.

By Nicole Bradley
January 11, 2019

2018 was full of creative plant projects, taking risks in the garden, outdoor "rooms", and living walls. Take a look at BHG.com's 10 most-pinned garden ideas—some are old faithful favorites while others are more out-of-the-ordinary projects.

10. DIY Vertical Herb Gardens

There's no need for sprawling real estate to grow an extensive herb garden. Vertical gardens are the heroes of saving space. Growing herbs in vertical gardens also makes it super simple to harvest at short notice, thanks to easy-to-reach vessels.

9. Best Summer-Blooming Shrubs for Your Garden

Many can argue that one of summer's best gestures is a flowering hydrangea bush waving in the wind. There are quite a few summer-blooming shrubs you can plant in your garden for brilliant summer color—some you may have never even heard of until now. Check out some of our favorites!

8. How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Sadly, cut flowers don't last forever. However, you can certainly extend their vase life. Take some of our tips on keeping your cut flowers alive for longer, whether they're picked straight from your garden or they're in a beautiful bunch sent to you from a loved one.

7. Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

If you're looking for long-lasting flowers that make it back year after year, try one of these repeat bloomers. These perennial picks are practically indestructible and can make it through drought-like conditions. If your saving-grace perennial variety starts to form large clumps, it's probably time to divide them (plus, you'll get more plants out of it!).

6. Tiny Picnic Table for Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens have been gracing our Pinterest feeds for a few years now, but this trend goes beyond gardening. Although this wooden picnic table looks like it's set in a park, it's actually in a container-size fairy garden. With a few simple crafting supplies like crafts sticks, hot glue, and wood stain, we show you that it's easy to make a teeny-tiny rustic picnic table for your fairy garden.

5. How to Make a Lettuce Ball

A common issue with growing edible plants on your front porch is that deer and rabbits will start to munch on them. Luckily, this lettuce ball project allows you to keep your lettuce plants up high and away from hungry animals. Plus, it's easy to snip off leaves to use for quick lunches and dinners.

4. Indoor Plants for Low Light

If you're looking to add some green to low-light spaces like a basement, office desk, or nightstand—this gallery is for you. These houseplants thrive in low sun exposure but don't lack in foliage color. You'll be pleased with their longevity, too.

3. Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer

These repeat growers add a splash of color to your garden all summer. The best part? Most of them still look gorgeous even after the blooms fade. We already can't wait for summer!

2. Easy Fire Pit

A fire pit is the focal point of any outdoor entertaining space. This one is simple to build (with a friend's help) and only takes about 6 hours to finish. Take it from us: As soon as you watch the video on building a fire pit, you'll be clearing the space for one in your yard.

1. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Make use of a cracked terra-cotta pot by transforming it into your own miniature fairy garden. We filled ours with moss, succulents, and small fairy garden fixtures to make a woodland scene.


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