These little gems (literally) are a perfect addition to any green space.

By Abby Patterson

Crystals are making a statement, and we're into it. Crystals, or geodes, are believed to hold spiritual and healing properties. It is said that each one holds a special energy, some of which include good fortune, harmony, renewal, and courage. Give your garden a good aura by incorporating these beauties. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to pair crystals and plants!

Not Your Average Flowerpot

Go beyond the ordinary flowerpot and use crystals to house your favorite plants. These little treasures are the perfect addition to any desk, windowsill, or table. Store-bought crystal candle holders work well for tiny plants like succulents. Who can say no to adorable hens and chicks in gorgeous containers?

Spice Up Any Container Garden

Dazzling, multicolored geodes add flair to container gardens. Violet amethyst and silvery soapstone paired with batches of succulents in this potted garden are a gorgeous sight. Add in figurines, seashells, coral, and other foreign objects for even more diverse textures and colors.

Sparkling Terrariums for Small Spaces

Create an elegant garden that can practically fit in the palm of your hand. Terrariums are a creative way to bring the outdoors in, and they enchant any tabletop. The geodes in this terrarium add a distinctive height and crystal color to a usually green-filled space.

The Perfect Household Accent

A crystal and plant combo is a decorative pair that you didn't know your house needed. Accompany houseplants like air plants, philodendron, and spider plants with geodes such as agate, quartz, and labradorite. We love the assortment of plant container styles and the way the houseplants and crystals are stacked on this wooden ladder shelf.

Just Hanging Out

Beautify your outdoor space by hanging crystals from tree branches. The crystals add a rustic feel to the garden and give guests a reason to look to the sky. We love these tassel-bottomed tree ornaments. Tie in a garden chandelier for added charm.

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