Join Joanna's "plant lady" status. These tiny planters are perfectly small and mighty.

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all killed a plant at some point. Are you truly a plant owner if you haven’t? It’s best to start easy, and cacti fit the bill. The miniature cactus planters from TierraSolStudio's Etsy shop are the definition of simple to grow and are oh-so-ADORABLE. Joanna Gaines, house-flipping extraordinaire, agrees. She even boasted about her love for these gems in a recent Instagram story: “When your plant lady probs have reached a whole new level … look at these minis!”

These hands-off plants are small enough to perch on a desk corner or to be grouped on a coffee table. Plus, each plant comes with special care instructions, so even those with green-deprived thumbs are given a fair chance. Cacti don’t have large root systems, so they can grow in tiny pots for extended periods of time. The folks at TierraSolStudio make each ceramic pot by hand, ensuring that each can hold the appropriate amount of soil and water needed. Give them plenty of natural light and you’ll be a wonderful plant parent to these cactus babies.

cactus planter, miniature
Credit: TierraSolStudio

This hand-painted container in blush and palm is EVERYTHING. Plus, it's accompanied by Gertrude, a colorful flowering cactus variety. According to TierraSolStudio's site, “Gertrude is super sweet but says, ‘bless your heart’ a lot so we are keeping an eye on her. Must love sassy plants.” We like Gertrude.


Looking for some bloom action? The Jennell cactus and planter sprouts stemmed flowers, so you're getting more from the plant than just pricks. The plain white ceramic pot not only makes for a super clean design, but it’s absorbent: No drainage hole required.


Colorful horseshoe shapes give the Benefit cactus planter some offbeat character. As if we needed another reason to love this funky painted planter, all proceeds benefit Table NC, an organization that provides healthy food to hungry kids in Durham, North Carolina, where TierraSolStudio is headquartered. Keep in mind that this planter is limited edition, so get it while it's available.


Only 1-2 inches in diameter, the Fernando planter fits in your fingertips (we mean it!). Since this plant is so small, it only needs to be watered once a month with just 1/4 teaspoon of water.


This small cluster of plants makes for a perfect little cactus family. The desert blush-colored planter adds soft color to a bookshelf or side table. This planter is 3x2-1/2 inches, but you can request a smaller size if you're looking to go itty-bitty-er.


Bonus: Want to be apart of the Plant Killer Club? Whether you want to admit it or not, these totes are tote-ally relatable to all of us. Also, just because you’re a Plant Killer doesn’t mean you can’t be a Plant Lover too, right?

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