These plant-based blocks look and feel the same as the toys we know and love.

By Nicole Bradley
August 07, 2018
Credit: Image courtesy of LEGO

First, it was Starbucks banning plastic straws. Now, it’s a nostalgic toy being made from plants. Major companies around the world are making Earth-friendly choices, and we're behind it. LEGO is pushing for a majority of its production be sustainable by 2030, and it all starts with their August 1 launch.

LEGO’s new 'Plants from Plants' set includes natural element blocks, like leaves, bushes, and trees. But that isn’t the only “green” thing about it. The botanical blocks are made almost entirely from sugarcane crops. And LEGO has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to ensure that all sugarcane used in production is being sustainably sourced.

These blocks still look and feel the same as the traditional LEGOs we know and love. The blocks feel practically identical to regular plastic and your children (and you) won’t be able to tell the difference—LEGO also promises that two bricks built decades apart will still fit together. And yes—because we're all thinking it—they’ll hurt just as much to step on.

Plant-based LEGO production is a single stride that the company is taking to become considerably sustainable. More practices include working to reduce CO2 emissions from factories and supply chain operations, and using wind power for fuel.

For a limited time, customers who spend over $40 on will receive a free ‘Plants from Plants’ set. This deal goes until August 14 in the United States and Canada, and until August 17 in the U.K., Germany, and Austria. Grab your '"green" toys while you can!


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