Because what's better than a fresh batch of plants showing up at your doorstep each season?

By Nicole Bradley

In today's world, subscription services aren't limited to magazines and newspapers. You can seemingly get everything you need delivered right to your door through a subscription service: books, wine, shaving supplies, and even ready-to-cook meals. As garden-lovers, we are particularly excited about a new subscription service guaranteed to boost curb appeal.

Image courtesy of Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock!, a recently-launched Scotts company, helps you plant gorgeous twin planters outside your front door, year-round. You begin by providing two planters that are 12-14 inches wide at the top and include drainage holes at the bottom.

From there, tell Knock! Knock! a bit about your style and where do you live. What does your front door look like? What's the sun exposure? What style of planters did you choose? These questions are important for the pros to pick the right plants to display in front of your home.

Next, prepare your two planters before you hear a 'knock knock' at your front door. Fill them with potting soil, making sure that it's well-draining (water should be able to run out the bottom of the pot). You don't even have to completely fill your planters with soil: This can get pricey and will be heavy if you decide to move your planters later on. Try using lightweight fillers like leftover nursery pots or floral foam blocks at the bottom of your planters. Prevent soil from spilling through by laying a piece of landscape fabric between the soil and the fillers. Use a spade to dig a divot in each planter's soil (this is where the plants will sit).

Image courtesy of Knock! Knock!

On delivery day, each of the two plant arrangements will arrive in their own tray as one cohesive unit—Knock! Knock! relies on single root plant arrangement technology to keep the plants together. Once you're ready to set them into their planters, remove them from their trays and place them in the divots you made in the soil the day before. It's that easy!

You're on your own from there. Be sure to water and fertilize your container gardens accordingly—your plants should be fine for about two months before they need any feeding.

Each plant set is $65 if you go for the seasonal package or $75 if you decide to use the service just once. If you go the seasonal subscription route, Knock! Knock! will send you a whole new set of plants to put out next season (even winter!). That way, you can have an ever-evolving container garden that fits each weather type.



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