Hilton Carter's Plant Collection at Target: a True Paradise

The plant enthusiast and interior stylist teamed up with Target for a limited-edition collection of live and faux greenery, planters, terrariums, and more.

Plants are widely known to bring joy to interiors, transplanting the calm of nature indoors and serving as striking pieces of living art. It's an effect well-known to plant and interior stylist Hilton Carter, whose houseplant collection encompasses more than 200 specimens. Now, Carter hopes to help others create their own plant-filled paradise with a new collection of greenery and accessories at Target.

hilton carter surrounded by plants
Courtesy of Target

The collection of more than 65 products includes live and faux indoor houseplants, as well as planters, propagation vessels, terrariums, watering cans, and other tools you need to help your plants thrive. With prices ranging from $5 to $130, the limited-edition launch pairs sleek modern accessories with low-maintenance greenery, making it easy to create a design-forward plant display in any room. Carter designed the collection to suit a variety of spaces and skill levels, hoping to "make new and current plant parents excited to make their spaces lusher and more vibrant."

hilton carter x target plant collection
Courtesy of Target

With options starting at just $5, the assortment of 10 live plants includes popular varieties like fiddle leaf fig, monstera deliciosa, snake plant, and more, with care instructions listed on an attached tag. "I picked them based on a few of my absolute favorites, having a variation in foliage size and shape and also a variation in care needed," Carter says. For those looking for a truly kill-proof option, the collection also boasts more than 20 faux plants with lush-looking foliage without the responsibility.

The launch aligns with an increased interest in plant care as people continue to seek out natural comforts during an uncertain time. "As people have spent more time at home over the past year, our guests are increasingly looking for ways to add more comfort and personality to their surroundings," says Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Target.

She notes that searches for plants on Target's website have jumped more than 300% over the last year. "We wanted to identify a partner who could bring something special to Target and deliver a collection that allows guests to easily and affordably refresh any room in their home. This partnership with Hilton Carter does just that while celebrating the arrival of spring with a renewed sense of optimism."

You can now shop the collection online and in select Target stores (with some items available through same-day contactless pickup). This collection likely won't last long, so start making room now for your budding plant collection.

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Propagation Station

metal and glass wall-mounted propagation station
Courtesy of Target

Create a stylish spot to propagate your plants with this wall-mounted stand. It includes 18 glass vials supported by a metal frame that attaches to the wall via brackets. To easily expand your plant collection, place cuttings in vials of water until they're ready to replant.

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Artificial Monstera Plant

faux monstera plant in white planter
Courtesy of Target

The faux plants in Hilton Carter's collection look just like the real thing. This artificial monstera adansonii plant overflows with lush-looking leaves dappled with holes. It's set in a white ceramic pot that nestles into a sleek wooden stand.

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Metal Terrarium

black metal and glass terrarium
Courtesy of Target

Terrariums act as a miniature greenhouse for your plants, creating a humid, self-regulating environment when closed. This terrarium, which features a powder-coated iron frame and glass walls, includes a swinging door so you can easily customize the conditions for your greenery display. Keep the door closed for humidity-loving plants such as ferns, but leave it open for plants like succulents that need more air.

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Circular Wall Planter

circular wall planter with succulents
Courtesy of Target

Add some life to your gallery wall with this stoneware planter. Perfect for small plants, the rounded pocket measures about 8 inches across. A pattern of concentric arcs adds texture and dimension to the wall-mounted design.

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Gold and Marble Plant Stand

gold and marble plant stand
Courtesy of Target

Elevate your plant collection with this pretty stand. The cone-shaped iron base features a shiny gold finish, and the marble top gives it an elegant look. Use it to prop up a plant with trailing leaves such as pothos or philodendron for added appeal.

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