These garden bibs will make you WANT to do your garden chores.

By Nicole Bradley
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Overalls are having a fashion moment, and this vintage garb goes all the way to the garden. We know what you’re thinking—why spend money on overalls when you can just throw on a T-shirt and an old pair of jeans and call it good? These outdoor bibs are specifically designed for rugged weather and terrain and for things you don’t want to touch, like rose thorns and bugs. Plus, the numerous pockets are perfect for stashing seeds and tools. Not only are these outdoor overalls selections super durable through sweat, dirt, and rain, but they’re far from being an eyesore.

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The elasticized bib straps on Berne’s WB515 overalls allow for increased mobility in the garden. Along with that, tool pockets sit behind, so they don’t get in the way when you're bending down and working. The Pomegranate color is our favorite, but you can also choose from Titanium, Dark Brown, and Black.

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Ideal for more casual days in the garden, these plus-size denim bibs are great for low-maintenance activities like watering and deadheading. The pant legs will fit comfortably over your favorite garden boots, and fabric is doubled at the heel in case they drag under. Pro tip: Order a size up if you’re looking for a more baggy fit.

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Made for every bend in the garden, these overalls are made from stretchy canvas fabric. Wear these and weed with no worry, as the heavy-duty canvas will protect from even the sharpest rose thorns.

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The multiple-compartment front bib on these overalls is the perfect place to store easy-to-reach garden tools. Double fabric on the knees of the pants ensures that they won’t rip when working hard in the garden. Choose from a khaki or dark brown color.

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These bibs have plenty of pockets (multiple on the front AND the back side) for tool storage so you don’t have to run to and from your garden shed all day. Since these overalls are more lightweight, they’re perfect for summer days.

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Do something a little different with these railroad-striped overalls. Made from 100% cotton, these bibs are both flattering and functional in your green space. Summer weight material is perfect for when you’re working on a hot summer day.


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