These boots make lawn work a little more bearable.

By Nicole Bradley
Updated February 19, 2019

Getting excited about a new electric lawnmower or that perfect trowel with an ergonomic handle is something that only true gardeners can understand. There are also garden accessories out there that let gardeners show off their personality a little more, like a pair of garden overalls and cute garden boots. In the garden corner of, we've been exploring different brands of garden boots that provide durability, but are also comfortable and attractive. And we think we've hit the jackpot.

The Muckster boots from Muck Boot Company are everything we could ask for in a garden boot. They're waterproof, comfortable, AND stylish. We've found them extremely useful when doing just about any garden chore: we've planted trees, laid sod, assembled container gardens, and even built a greenhouse in them. Even the wettest, muddiest situations, our feet have stayed warm and dry. To say we're in love with a boot sounds silly, but who can blame us?

Muck has a few different styles of the Muckster: the mid-height, ankle, and clog. Most of the colors available also come with a gorgeous floral print on the inside of the boot. We have a pair of the mid-calf style-boots and fold them over so that the print shows.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're looking for a pair of boots to tool around the garden, walk the dog, or run to the grocery store in, we vote the Muckster. Order a pair (or two) for yourself to prep for this upcoming garden season.

Buy it: Muckster Mid-Height Garden Boot, $72.72 - $125.73, Amazon


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