The feathery plumes of this ornamental grass make a textural statement inside the home.

By BH&G Editors
Updated July 14, 2020
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Move over, monstera. While lush, green houseplants will never go out of style, pampas grass and dried florals are having a major moment. Stems of dried pampas grass are popular both in home decor and on the wedding scene for farmhouse-style bouquet arrangements and centerpieces. This decorative ornamental grass features tall stalks with delicate, feathery plumes on top. Ranging widely in color, the plants can be dark brown, beige, light brown, ivory, and even a gorgeous sandy pink color. If you want to add a natural touch to your home decor, dried pampas grass is a beautiful, long-lasting option.

Courtesy of PurxiousbySQ/Etsy

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You can find dried pampas grass stems in tons of different sizes, too. Some stems are only about a foot long, ideal for arranging in a vase or as a centerpiece. But you can also find larger stalks three feet or more in length, such as this Dried Hardy Pampas Grass ($10, West Elm), that are well-suited for filling a blank corner of a room. You don't have to water the stalks (which is a major bonus for forgetful plant parents), and they can last up to three years.

If you'd like to grow your own pampas grass outdoors, know that this ornamental grass can be invasive in warmer regions, especially in Zones 7-11. You can find out if pampas grass is invasive in your area by checking with your local extension office or department of natural resources. If it's not, you can plant and dry your own from the garden to use as indoor decor. Once dried, spray the stems with hairspray as a sealant to help them last longer. Most pampas grasses sold in stores and online are coated with a similar sealant to keep them from shedding seeds.

A vase full of pampas grass can be the perfect finishing touch on a shelf or to fill an empty space. The stiff stalks add height to an arrangement, and the soft tops add a wispy and whimsical finish. And if you choose to use dyed pampas grass, the color can add even more character. Try matching the shade of your pampas grass to a nearby throw pillow or artwork to make the colors stand out.

Dried pampas grass is also a centerpiece solution after the fresh-cut flowers from your garden start to fade in fall and winter. However you choose to decorate with it, pampas grass adds a natural element to your home that will last all year long.


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