The feather plumes of this ornamental grass make a soft statement in the home. Join our obsession with this versatile plant.

By Jenny Krane
Updated January 04, 2019

Move over, monstera. Pampas grass is the latest live decor piece we're seeing everywhere. It's even starting to break into the wedding scene for farmhouse-style bouquet arrangements! This decorative ornamental grass features tall stalks with delicate, feathery plumes on top. The most common plume color is ivory, but new varieties have a gorgeous sandy pink color. Some retailers even sell dyed stalks of dried pampas grass to match any interior.

Some areas consider this ornamental grass invasive, but, luckily, the dried plumes are safe to use inside. Most pre-sold dried stalks are coated with a sealant to protect against the sharp edges of the plant and to keep them from shedding seeds and stems. If you live in an area where this grass is invasive, wrap store-bought stalks in plastic or paper as you carry them in from the car so you don't drop any seeds. Pampas grass is very fast growing, especially in Zones 7-11. If you aren't sure if pampas grass is invasive in your area, check with your local DNR.

If pampas grass isn't invasive in your area, you can dry your own from the garden and bring it indoors. Use hairspray as a sealant to help them last longer.

A vase full of pampas grass can be the perfect finishing touch on a shelf or to fill empty space on a countertop. The stiff stalks add height, and the soft tops add a wispy and whimsical finish. We love how @caffeineandcacti uses the dried grass to lighten a corner of the bedroom.

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Color can add so much character to a simple vase, and it can also bring out the unique details of the items around it. The deep crimson plumes in on this console table balance the colors in the art print and pillow below and bring attention to the neutral textures in the display.


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