Itching to get in the garden? You're in luck. Amazon's new plant store makes it easier than ever to buy all of your gardening essentials.

By Katie Bandurski and abby patterson

Say goodbye to spending the day at a nursery picking out plants. Thanks to Amazon's new plants store, you can get shrubs, annuals, perennials, succulents, and more delivered straight to your door.

The retail giant lets you shop by brand, which includes well-known favorites such as Proven Winners, Brussel's Bonsai, and Costa Farms. And a collection of plant buying tips helps gardening novices determine the best size and species for their yard. Many of the plants are also eligible for Amazon Prime, so many lucky members will see their shipment in just two days.

Before loading up your shopping cart, we recommend checking the weather. Many of the plants thrive in warm temperatures, so they won't survive if shipped in extreme cold. Wait for a warm streak and avoid leaving plants out on the porch for too long.

If you're ready to get started, don't bother combing through every page of the plant store. We've done the heavy-lifting for you and found the best nine plants to buy. From shrubbery to houseplants, these picks are guaranteed to get your green thumb going.

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Shrub

These delicate pink flowers are a gorgeous addition to any garden. Part of the hibiscus family, this shrub does best in full sun and warmer climates. Expect blooms from late summer to late fall. 

DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit

In the mood to plant something? You're in luck. This DIY kit comes with all of the essentials for building your own hanging basket, including soil, plants, fertilizer, and a container.

Twist Bamboo

Make a statement with this elegant and easy-to-care-for twisted bamboo plant. You'll want to store your bamboo in a sunny spot and water it every few days. Once the plant gets settled into its new environment, it will require little maintenance.

Coral Cactus

This quirky cactus is unlike anything you've seen before. The fan-shaped foliage and vibrant color will spruce up any home or office. Plus, the cactus comes in a striking glitter-striped pot, so no need to re-plant.

Boston Fern

Sometimes simple plants are the prettiest. This Boston Fern hanging basket will make a statement in any patio or sunroom. Bright light and regular watering will keep this perennial looking its best.

Double Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchids

Two is better than one—especially when it comes to orchids. This pair of lush beauties would look stunning as a centerpiece or on either end of a mantel. Plus, with proper care, they'll be blooming for many years.

Money Tree Bonsai

No, this plant doesn't drop cash. But that doesn't mean your money tree isn't valuable. This cute little bonsai features bright leaves and is said to bring good luck. Buy one for yourself or give it as a gift.

Succulents Collection

Trendy and easy-to-care for, succulents have been making quite a mark on the plant community. These individually potted beauties come in packs of various sizes, and feature detailed care instructions. Each pack features different succulent varieties, so you're guaranteed a good  mix of texture.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a classic for a reason. This pretty plant is not only stylish, but it has a ton of health benefits, too. Opt for the white-and-gold ceramic pot for added trendiness.


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