Amazing New Annuals for 2017

We've hunted down the best and brightest new annuals for 2017.

Calibrachoa Superbells® Morning Star™

A bright new color in the Star series of Superbells®. Morning Star™ is a light pink base with a deeper purple center and a stunning yellow star marking the middle. Like all of its brethren, this is a blooming machine—never stopping until frost finally takes it out. Plus there's no need to deadhead!

Plant name: Calibrachoa 'BBCAL27801' PPAF

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 6-12 inches tall by 30 inches wide

Grow it with: coleus and ornamental grasses

Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Coleus Terra Nova® 'Macaw'

Coleus has really come a long way in the past few years, and 'Macaw' certainly proves it. With rich maroon-edged leaves and the sharp contrast of pale cream centers, 'Macaw' is really in a class of its own. The small lobed leaves densely cover the tight branching habit of this happy little plant. These plants stay nice and compact with no pinching needed.

Plant name: Plectranthus 'Macaw'

Growing conditions: full sun to shade

Size: 4 inches tall by 8 inches wide

Grow it with: begonias and agastache

Photo Credit: Terra Nova Nurseries

Argyranthemum Pure White Butterfly™

If you love Shasta daisies, but hate how short lived their bloom season is, there's a new plant for you! The new marguerite daisy Pure White Butterfly™ has perfect white daisies just like a Shasta but all season long! They are also extremely low maintenance—you don't even need to deadhead them to keep the show going.

Plant name: Argyranthemum frutescens 'G14420' PPAF

Growing conditions: full to part sun

Size: 18-36 inches tall by 12-20 inches wide

Grow it with: angelonia and calibrachoa

Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Begonia Megawatt™ Pink Bronze Leaf

The Megawatt™ series is a great new solution for shady containers and plantings. Its quick growth habit and monstrous size help fill in holes in your green spaces. Rich bronze foliage is an added benefit to this blooming powerhouse that doesn't quit. Flowers are held above the foliage on strong stems that outlast heat and drought with no need to deadhead.

Plant name: Begonia Megawatt™ Pink Bronze Leaf

Growing conditions: shade to part shade

Size: 20-28 inches tall by 16-24 inches wide

Grow it with: coral bells and irisene

Photo Credit: PanAmerican Seed

Gazania 'Enorma Orange with Ring'

This new series of gazania features very large blooms—up to 5 inches across! These large blooms are held on strong stems above deep-green, glossy foliage. Without the fuzziness of some other varieties, Enorma is much more disease resistant. They can also handle the humidity much better as well.

Plant name: Gazania rigens 'Enorma Orange with Ring'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 6-8 inches tall and wide

Grow it with: angelonia and lantana

Photo Credit: Hem Genetics

Begonia Revelation™ Maroon

Terra Nova nurseries has done it again! This novel new begonia has a wonderful trailing habit that can easily fill a container with color. Glossy deep-red foliage with olive green veins forms a solid mound of leafy goodness pierced by soft pink flowers throughout the summer. Its vigorous habit and easy-to-grow nature make this a real standout.

Plant name: Begonia 'TNBEGRM' PPAF

Growing conditions: Shade to part shade

Size: 30 inches tall by 24 inches wide

Grow it with: impatiens and ferns

Photo Credit: Terra Nova Nurseries

Coleus Fancy Feathers™ Copper

In the wave of new coleus coming out of Terra Nova Nurseries, the Fancy Feathers™ series has extremely tight branching creating very dense plants. The feather-thin foliage creates a wonderful airy effect and is great as an accent plant or all on its own. Glowing copper needles really seem to glow on this plant in full sun.

Plant name: Plectranthus Fancy Feathers™ Copper

Growing conditions: full sun to shade

Size: 4 inches tall by 8 inches wide

Grow it with: dusty miller and salvia

Photo Credit: Terra Nova Nurseries

Bidens 'Bee Alive'

Sure to have your garden buzzing with activity, this new variety of bidens is loved by pollinators. With a unique color pattern, it makes a great addition to mixed containers and hanging baskets, or simply as a statement on its own. 'Bee Alive' has a nice and tidy habit that doesn't get leggy as some of the older varieties do.

Plant name: Bidens 'Bee Alive'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 8-10 inches tall by 18-24 inches wide

Grow it with: carex and salvia

Photo Credit: Ball FloraPlant

Celosia 'Dracula'

A new novelty type cockscomb that is sure to stop you in your tracks, 'Dracula' forms exceptionally large, deep-red crested heads that beg to be touched. The deep-green foliage takes on a burgundy tinge in full sun and creates a lovely backdrop to the showy heads. A great statement plant!

Plant name: Celosia cristata 'Dracula'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 8-16 inches tall by 8-12 inches wide

Grow it with: coleus and petunias

Photo Credit: PanAmerican Seed

Cosmos Lemonade™

This new variety of cosmos is in a brand-new color of a wonderfully cheery bright yellow. It takes you back to a warm summer's day where all you want to do is sit back with a glass of cool lemonade. If you can't have that, you might as well plant a bunch of this wonderful cosmos! Coming in at 24 inches, it works well in containers or in garden borders, and is perfectly happy as a cut flower as well.

Plant name: Cosmos bipinnatus 'Lemonade'™

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 24 inches tall by 16 inches wide

Grow it with: cleome and hollyhocks

Photo Credit: Thompson & Morgan

Impatiens Bounce™ Bright Coral

A new color to the widely popular (and rightly so) Bounce™ series. With the ability to wilt completely and "bounce" back once watered, it's no wonder these are a hit! The new bright coral color offers another great choice for a pop of color in a shade garden or as a spreading component in a mixed container.

Plant name: Impatiens Bounce™ Bright Coral

Growing conditions: sun to shade

Size: 14-20 inches tall and wide

Grow it with: begonias and lamium

Photo Credit: Ball Seed

Lomandra Platinum Beauty™

This grass can class up any container with its beautiful platinum-edged foliage. It is a great accent that's super tough and has no problem with drought. If you have a tricky spot or need a nice xeric container combo, Platinum Beauty™ is up for the challenge!

Plant name: Lomandra longifolia 'Roma13' PP25962

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 24-36 inches tall and wide

Grow it with: salvia and lantana

Photo Credit: Southern Living Plant Collection

Angelonia Archangel™ Cherry Red

As far as angelonia go, the Archangel™ series boasts the biggest blooms. And now it can add one more color to the lineup! Brilliant cherry red flowers top glossy deep-green foliage. With nonstop blooms, not even heat, humidity, or drought can stop this powerhouse.

Plant name: Angelonia angustiflolia 'Balarcher'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 12-14 inches tall by 10-12 inches wide

Grow it with: lantana and verbena

Photo Credit: Ball Flora Plant

Cyperus Prince Tut™

Finally a happy medium between the wonderful Baby Tut™ and King Tut™ papyrus! Prince Tut™ has the best of both worlds. Coming in at just over 2 feet tall, it has some height but also the substance of the King. The stems are also substantially thicker, assuring that it won't flop. This Prince works great in the water or in a mixed container with less water.

Plant name: Cyperus Prince Tut™

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 18-30 inches tall by 24-36 wide

Grow it with: sweet potato vine and angelonia

Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Petunia Surfinia® Heartbeat

Here's another exciting new novelty pattern in petunias. Heartbeat features crisp white coloring with five heart-shape pink spots on each tubular bloom. How sweet is that? If this wasn't enough, the plants are nice and compact and even self-cleaning! 

Plant name: Petunia Surfinia® Heartbeat

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 12 inches tall by 12-18 inches wide

Grow it with: ornamental grasses and snapdragons

Photo Credit: Suntory Flowers Limited

Kale Prizm F1

Try this plant as a solution to the large size of many kales on the market today. Prizm forms tight, ruffled foliage on compact plants allowing it to be happily grown on patios or in gardens. The densely ruffled foliage is attractive and has a pleasant nutty tenderness to it. This variety doesn't form stalks so you can keep harvesting all season.

Plant name: Brassica oleracea 'Prizm F1'

Growing conditions: full to part sun

Size: 15 inches tall and wide

Grow it with: nasturtiums and thyme

Photo Credit: All-American Selections

Salvia Summer Jewel™ Lavender

The latest color to be added to the Summer Jewel™ collection of salvias. Beautiful dusty lavender blooms are continuously produced on large stalks. It's a delight for more than just the eyes as pollinators, hummingbirds, and even goldfinch love them for their seeds at the end of the season.

Plant name: Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel™ Lavender

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 16 inches tall and wide

Grow it with: petunias and cannas

Photo Credit: All-American Selections

Nasturtium 'Chameleon'

A nifty new development in nasturtium breeding, flowers cover these compact, non-vining nasturtiums in many different colors. Blooms begin a lovely deep cream with splashes of red, only to slowly fade to being fully red! Be sure to watch as this change happens, and as you do, why not munch on a couple of blooms? Nasturtiums are edible and look beautiful in a salad.

Plant name: Tropaeolum majus 'Chameleon'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 12 inches tall by 14 inches wide

Grow it with: celosia and argyranthemum

Photo Credit: Thompson & Morgan

Basil 'Pesto Party'

Everyone loves basil, but it's always a race to harvest as much as you can before your plants bloom and stop producing. 'Pesto Party' is a late-flowering basil you can grow from seed. With the traditional sweet Italian basil flavor on productive plants, you can make pesto even longer! They are also very resistant to downy mildew.

Plant name: Ocimum basilicum 'Pesto Party'

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 18-24 inches tall by 12-18 inches wide

Grow it with: tomatoes and marigolds

Photo Credit: Burpee

Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Apricot

Sporting the largest blooms used to be Sun Parasol's® main claim to fame. Now this series has the very first apricot-colored mandevilla! With stunning new color, these vines are sure to draw attention. The vigorous vines are quick to cover a trellis and be full of blooms. They also are perfectly happy in the high heat of the summer, continuing to bloom through it all.

Plant name: Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Apricot

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 6-10 feet long

Grow it with: sweet potato vine and euphorbia

Photo Credit: Suntory Flowers Limited

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