You can score a selection of trendy finds, from a flashy pink floor plant to the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig.

By Andrea Beck
January 24, 2020
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Adding a new houseplant is a sure way to brighten up a room, especially when it's cold and dreary outside—and the bigger the plant, the better! It's like Aldi is reading everyone's mind: as part of its Aldi Finds for the week, it's got a few different varieties of large houseplants for just $13 each. For example, a bright pink plant (likely Cordyline fruticosa, commonly known as ti plant) is among the offerings, and it’s ready to fill the void left by your Christmas tree. Its vibrant color would even make a fun Valentine's Day accent to your decor.

Besides this colorful beauty, you may find other popular plants like a Dracaena marginata, which has pink or red edges on each leaf, and the much-coveted fiddle leaf fig. Aldi shoppers have also spotted palms, Calathea lubbersii with two-tone leaves, and dumb canes on shelves. The availability of specific plants can vary by store, but all come in 10-inch containers. Even better, they also come with a decorative container (the plastic nursery pot is nested inside), so you can take them straight from Aldi’s shelves to any bare corner of your home without having to repot them into something prettier.

Aside from the fun variety of plants to choose from, their large size is reason enough to make an Aldi trip as soon as you can. Most of the plants that are part of this Aldi sale are at least a couple of feet tall, which is an absolute steal for $13. By comparison, a similarly-sized Dracaena marginata or ti plant in a 10-inch pot can easily cost $40 or more at a big box store or online (a Dracaena from Walmart is currently priced at $40, while a ti plant from Amazon is over $60).

Like all Aldi Finds, these bargain-priced houseplants will likely only stick around for a few days; Aldi doesn’t usually restock its weekly deals, so once they’re gone, that’s it. Still, if you’re planning an Aldi run soon (maybe to pick up a heart-shape pizza for Valentine’s Day), these gorgeous houseplants are definitely worth a quick peek to see if your store still has them on shelves.



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