Garden Guide for Southern California

Our garden guide for southern California can help you navigate the climate and help with creating a garden that bursts with color and blooms year-round. Start with our guides for tasks, including tips for maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden in the California seasons.

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What's the Best Shade Tree for Zone 10 in Southern California?
I live in Cypress, California, Zone 10. I am looking for a tree that offers shade, but has a small base. We recently had a plantain tree knock over the wall in our yard because it got WAY too big! I also don't want trees that get too root heavy, like a Ficus.
Low-Maintenance Perennials for Southern California
You can't go wrong with these low-maintenance garden plants. These selections will add bold color and texture in your Southern California landscape.
15 Top Native Plants of Southern California
These tough, beautiful plants can take hot, dry conditions with ease. They're among the best easy-care plants for gardeners in this region.
June Tips: Southern California
June is an easygoing month in the Southern California garden. Your spring labors should be paying off, and the workload is slowing to an enjoyable pace.
August Tips: Southern California
Watering and pest control are your main tasks this month.
July Tips: Southern California
The heat gives both plants and people a bit of a break, but there are still plenty of basic maintenance tasks to do.

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September Tips: Southern California
September marks the beginning of the fall planting season -- a busy time of year for lucky warm-climate gardeners.
January Tips: Southern California
Start off your garden year right by laying the foundation for a great garden.

Top Drought-Tolerant Perennials for Southern California

Make your garden a cinch to care for, even during dry weather, by selecting these beautiful, easy-to-grow, drought-resistant perennials.