Gardening in the South

Gardening in the south is perfect for lush flowers that can take the heat. Start your Southern gardening journey with a tour of one color-packed country space that's tops in personality. Our gardening guides will help your flowers survive the southern summer and thrive throughout the year.

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Winter Care of Kimberly Ferns

I live in Zone 8. Do I need to dig up ferns to overwinter before frost? They are doing great, and I would hate to have to remove and pot them. Any special care required if I can leave them in ground? Also, I planted some astilbe from bulb this spring but none have flowered. They are planted under a persimmon tree. Plants are only about 4-5 inches high! Did I plant them too deep?
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Peonies in Florida

Is there a variety of peony that I can grow in south central Florida (Zone 9A)?
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Garden Tour: Groomed for Success

When your garden is small, it's easier to groom it meticulously and keep everything under control. This multifaceted gem of a garden in Atlanta is a case in point.
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Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the South

Having deer around doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beautiful garden. Try these deer-resistant plants for tons of landscape color.
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15 Top Native Plants for Southern Gardens

There's hope for Southern gardeners. These tough plants withstand hot, humid conditions.
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Low-Maintenance Perennials for the South

Grow a low-maintenance garden in a cinch with these perennials that thrive in the South.
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More Gardening in the South

15 Super Plants for Texas Landscapes

These plants are superstars in Texas gardens and landscapes. Texas horticultural experts recommend them for their ability to perform well in south-central climates.
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Top Florida Plants

Whether you're a Florida native or a new resident, finding the best plants to grow in your yard can be a pleasure in this subtropical state.
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January Tips: The South

Start off your garden year right by laying the foundation for a great garden.