Top Native Plants for Your Region

We've pulled together galleries of top plants for each region. Click through to find yours.

The South

Plants from the humid South have to be able to tolerate tough summer heat and humidity. Check out this gallery of shining stars.

The Mountain West and High Plains

Gardens in this region often suffer from extreme weather and tough, rocky soil. See a gallery of plants adapted to these conditions.

The Desert Southwest

Sometimes it seems like nothing grows in the hot, dry Southwest. This gallery is filled with colorful, easy-growing choices.

Southern California

Though many people think the weather is picture-perfect in Southern California, conditions can be tough (especially as you get farther from the coast). Check out these great choices for your region.

Natives are a key element to any garden. Learn how to incorporate native plants and flowers for a tough yet gorgeous landscape.

Incorporate Natives Into Your Landscape

Get tips and tricks for making natives work in your landscape.

The Midwest

Conditions vary widely in the Midwest -- from the shady pine forests to hot, dry prairies. Look through this range of plant picks for your region.

The Pacific Northwest

It seems like everyone envies the ideal gardening conditions of the Pacific Northwest. Check out these best-bet plant picks for the region.

The Northeast

Growing in areas with frigid winters and steamy, humid summers, Northeastern plants have to take a little bit of everything. Check out these great choices.

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