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Maps and regional guides are important when starting your garden. Dive deep into the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Hardiness Zones and base your plant choices on your position on the planting, growing, and hardiness zone.These zones help you pick the plants that will thrive where you live. Learn what works in your region with these guides.

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Native Plants With Seasonal Appeal

Having a colorful garden all year long is easy when you rely on native plants. Besides offering year-round beauty, natives are generally more insect- and disease-resistant than other plants. Here's a list of some of our favorite natives that are especially colorful in the fall.

Top Native Plants for Your Region

We've pulled together galleries of top plants for each region. Click through to find yours.

Low-Maintenance Garden Plants for Your Region

We'll show you some of the easiest, low-maintenance perennials to grow in your region. Click through to find your area.

8 Steps to a Water-Wise Garden

With many parts of the country under drought restrictions, this flowery garden leads by example and shows how low water can still produce high color.

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Understanding Plant Zones

To know what plants will grow best in your location, it's key to have a basic understanding of plant hardiness Zones. Here's how to decipher your plant's climate requirements.