Gardening in the Northeast

Gardening in the northeast brings autumn tree colors, spectacular bursts of summertime blooms, and deeply cold days in wintertime.There are plants adapted to the northeast growing zone, so make preparations to ensure your garden grows its best. Look at other gardeners' spaces; we have several Northeast landscapes that will get you motivated to create your own garden.

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October Gardening Tips for the Northeast
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June Gardening Tips for the Northeast
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September Gardening Tips for the Northeast
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More Gardening in the Northeast

February Gardening Tips for the Northeast
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Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Northeast
If deer treat your yard like a buffet line, try these plants. But keep in mind that deer in your neighborhood may have already developed a taste for some of these plants. Unfortunately, deer do not read lists.
Best Fall Flowers for the Northeast

These spectacular bloomers enliven Northeastern gardens with fall color and drama.