Gardening By Region

What works for one state—or even for one county—may not work as well elsewhere. We've taken the guesswork out of it with a regional gardening guide that can help you achieve success wherever you live.

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Find Out Your State's Official Tree
Every state has an official state tree—and Nevada has two! Do you know which tree your state picked?
All 50 Official State Flowers
Every state has an official state flower—some chosen for beauty, others chosen for hardiness in the location. Find out your state's flower here, and consider incorporating some state pride into your garden design.
These Are the Most Popular Flowers in Each State
Don't know what to plant next? Check out the most popular flower in your state—you may be surprised!
How to Start a Cactus Garden
Whether grown as houseplants or outdoors, cactus plants add plenty of interest to your home—especially when featured as a collection. Here's a brief guide to growing these easy-care plants.
Winter Care of Kimberly Ferns
I live in Zone 8. Do I need to dig up ferns to overwinter before frost? They are doing great, and I would hate to have to remove and pot them. Any special care required if I can leave them in ground? Also, I planted some astilbe from bulb this spring but none have flowered. They are planted under a persimmon tree. Plants are only about 4-5 inches high! Did I plant them too deep?

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What's the Best Shade Tree for Zone 10 in Southern California?
I live in Cypress, California, Zone 10. I am looking for a tree that offers shade, but has a small base. We recently had a plantain tree knock over the wall in our yard because it got WAY too big! I also don't want trees that get too root heavy, like a Ficus.
Peonies in Florida
Is there a variety of peony that I can grow in south central Florida (Zone 9A)?
Low-Maintenance Perennials of the Mountain West

These garden plants are among the easiest you can grow, and they require almost no maintenance. They're perfect for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.