Plant these aromatic beauties in your garden, and you'll be rewarded with that sweet fragrance every time you step outside.

By Abby Patterson
June 09, 2015


Add an aromic touch to your garden, and even in your home, with the most natural fragrance on the market—roses. Roses are famous for their intense aromas and are one of the most popular scents for perfumes. These top shrub, hybrid tea, and climbing fragrance roses will dazzle your garden with charm and get your senses tingling with joy!

'Madame Alfred Carriere' Rose

'Madame Alfred Carrière' blooms beautiful creamy pink and soft white buds that will take your breath away. This fragrant climbing rose never disappoints with its lovely aroma gracing your garden space. This light pink fragrant rose can soar to almost 20 feet high! This type of fragrant rose is extremely hardy and grows freely, constantly blooming in your garden.

'Just Joey' Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid tea roses are one of the most beloved roses. 'Just Joey' peach blooms are a beautiful way to enchant any guest to your home. As one of the world's favorite highly fragrant roses, 'Just Joey's deep colors of apricot-orange will shine in fairly consistent temperatures. This beautifully-perfumed rose thrives in cool climates and shows off its stuff in bountiful bushes—perfect for planting along a walkway or against a fence.

'New Dawn' Climber Rose

One of the most vigorous climbers, 'New Dawn' has a lot going on with its fresh, fragrant abundance of petals. These climbing roses can grow up to 15 feet and thrive in Zones 5 to 9—a hardier variety of the bunch. The roses blush with a fruity fragrance and shine with a glossy foliage.

'Grand Siecle' Rose

Among the most beautiful pale pink fragrant roses, 'Grand Siecle' takes the cake for its stunning fragrance. With aromas of berries and other fruits, it fills a space with its perfume in an instant. This reblooming rose can be seen from October to May, powering through the winter like nothing else. It is incredibly disease resistant in Zones 7 to 10.

'Madame Plantier' Hybrid Rose

Looking for the perfect white accent to add to your garden? Look no further! 'Madame Plantier' hybrid rose will burst with medium-sized blooms and a flush of bushy foliage. These climbing fragrant roses are crossed with R. moschata and an Alba rose, providing an undeniably sweet scent to your garden. This hardy rose thrives in Zones 3 to 9 and can climb up to 12 feet high.

'Margaret Merril' Floribunda Rose

From the distant U.K., 'Margaret Merril' blessed the United States with her company and her purest white blossoms, opening up to reveal crimson stamens to attract birds and bees of all shapes and sizes. Most hardy in Zones 6 to 10, this fragrant rose will last for weeks in a vase—it was practically meant for an extravagant display! This floribunda rose has extremely dark green foliage, making its blooms stand out in contrast. It's among one of the many favorite fragrant roses for its old-rose smell—purely sweet and intense all in one.

'Heritage' Rose

One of the most famous fragrant roses, the 'Heritage' rose displays soft pink petals among its strong, bushy growth. Aromas of honey, fruit, and old rose come together for an extremely fragrant scent. These climbers reach heights of about 7 feet and grow best in Zones 5 to 10. Be careful when growing these roses! They're extremely prone to disease. Avoid watering the petals of these roses to help prevent disease growth.

'Autumn Damask' Rose

One of the most reflowering roses, 'Autumn Damask's name is self-explanatory. This fragrant rose blooms every 6 weeks or so until autumn rolls in. 'Autumn Damask' is also one of the oldest European roses—its beautiful pink blooms will ravish your garden with to-die-for, old-rose scent. To keep these blooms going, deadheading is the key. For faster reblooming, deadhead regularly and prune every year.


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