Growing Guide for Innocencia Balconia Rose

Here's how to plant, prune, and care for one of the most prolific everblooming roses on the market: Innocencia Balconia.

History of Innocencia Balconia Rose

Some roses are historic, with roots that go back centuries; others are more recent additions to gardens and flowerbeds. Innocencia Balconia rose (Rosa 'KORstarnow') falls into the latter group: It was first introduced in Europe in 2003, where it won the All-German Rose Trial that same year. The variety has also won other rose competitions in Europe.

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Innocencia Balconia bears creamy white, semidouble flowers. Among some historic meanings, white roses are associated with purity, innocence, and secrecy, attracting many gardeners to the blossoms. Innocencia Balconia is part of a collection of roses called Balconia; other color varieties include Electric Balconia (pink), Hot Pink Balconia, and Raspberry Balconia.

A New Addition to Everblooming Roses

Roses have different blooming patterns; Innocencia Balconia is in the category of everblooming roses, which means that the plant blooms continuously from late spring until first frost. With its prolific blooms, contrasting dark green foliage, and trailing characteristics, Innocencia Balconia is a stunning addition to large container gardens and hanging baskets.

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How to Grow Innocencia Balconia Roses

Innocencia Balconia is an everblooming rose with moderate fragrance and semidouble white flowers that form in large clusters; blooms reach an average diameter of about 1-1/2 inches. Hardy in Zones 4-9, Innocencia Balconia rose does best in full sun to part sun. At maturity, this everblooming rose reaches 12-24 inches tall and 24-30 inches wide. Soil should be moist, well-drained, and amended with organic matter.

One of the reasons that Innocencia Balconia is so prized as an everblooming rose is its resistance to both black spot and powdery mildew. Even for gardeners unfamiliar with everblooming roses, Innocencia Balconia is easy to grow and doesn't require a lot of care.

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Where to Plant Roses

Because of its lack of susceptibility to diseases, there are no specific guidelines to planting Innocencia Balconia roses, other than basic rose planting guidelines that apply to all roses. To plant Innocencia Balconia rose, remove the rose from its container, loosen the roots, and place in a hole that's about twice as wide as the pot. Mulch and water well. Be sure to site this variety in full sun; roses do not thrive in full shade. Because of its excellent disease resistance, Innocencia Balconia rose can be planted in a spot that sees some morning shade if it's sunny all afternoon.

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How and When to Prune Innocencia Balconia Rose

Traditional rose pruning guidelines apply for Innocencia Balconia rose. Prune in early spring, just before or as the plants begin to grow.

Innocencia Balconia in Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens

Because Innocencia Balconia rose blooms throughout the whole season, it works well in container gardening setups and trailing over the edges of hanging baskets. With flowers that fill out the shrub, the everblooming rose also works well in borders. The large clusters of flowers appear at the tips of the branches and weigh the branches down, making them arch over the side of a container or basket.


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