All-America Rose Selections 1940s-1960s

'Scarlet Knight' rose
For more than 60 years, All-America Rose Selections (AARS) has been testing this most treasured of flowers. See winners from past decades, as seen in Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living.


1940s: The depression ended, World War II raged, and Victory Gardens sprouted everywhere. Homeowners grew food for sustenance and roses to nourish their souls.

Red Climber (1940)

Mary Margaret McBride

Pink Hybrid Tea (1943)

Lowell Thomas

Yellow Hybrid Tea (1944)

Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek

Light Yellow Hybrid Tea (1944)

Horace McFarland

Buff-Pink Hybrid Tea (1945)


Crimson Hybrid Tea (1945)

Diamond Jubilee

Buff Hybrid Tea (1948)


Multicolor Hybrid Tea (1949)

Tally Ho

Two-Tone Pink Hybrid Tea (1949)

Ma Perkins

1950s: It was a decade of big E's, from Eisenhower and Elvis to the ill-fated Edsel. Suburban life began to take hold, offering homeowners the space they'd been craving for kids' play, outdoor entertaining, and planting some of the 23 new AARS Winners.

Coral-Pink Floribunda (1953)


Multicolor Floribunda (1956)

Golden Showers

Daffodil Yellow Climber (1957)


Orange-Red Floribunda (1958)

Gold Cup

Golden-Yellow Floribunda (1958)


Cherry-Red Grandiflora (1959)


1960s: Camelot inspired us, King enlightened us, and the Beatles invigorated us. Turbulent times left many longing to get back to nature. Gardening was salve to the emotional wounds of the day. Whether they appreciated it or not, the flower children had 29 new award-winning roses to enjoy.

Multicolor Hybrid Tea (1961)

Golden Slippers

Orange-Gold Floribunda (1962)


Orange-Red Hybrid Tea (1963)


White Floribunda (1964)

Apricot Nectar

Apricot Floribunda (1966)

Lucky Lady

Creamy Shrimp-Pink Grandiflora (1967)

Scarlet Knight

Scarlet-Red Grandiflora (1968)

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