Don't know what to plant next? Check out the most popular flower in your state—you may be surprised!

America's Most Popular Flowers By State map graphic
Credit: Joybird

Ever wonder what your neighbors are planting? The folks at Joybird gathered data and compiled a map of the most popular flowers in each state, based on search interest. You'll be shocked to find how many DON'T match up with their state's claimed flower.

Top 5 State Flowers

Top flowers in America
Credit: Joybird

When it comes to the most popular flowers by state, there are some evident favorites. Here are the top five flowers that are popular in the most states across the country.


Roses tend to have a "diva" stereotype—they're often thought to be labor-intensive and difficult to keep happy. While some varieties are a little touchy, others are more forgiving. Different roses also do well in different hardiness zones. There are so many types of roses: heirloom, climbing, groundcover, English tea, and more. Their different colors, sizes, shapes, and growing patterns make them versatile enough to find a place in any garden.


Known as the Christmas decoration to kiss under, mistletoe comes in second in the nation's most-searched flowers. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that lives off another tree—the evergreen leaves and white berries like to grow on apple, hawthorn, lime, poplar, and conifer trees. You can even grow mistletoe inside—just provide a small tree for it to grow on.

Flowering Dogwood

This flowering tree attracts birds and is super low maintenance. Flowering dogwoods come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some varieties add interest for all seasons. Showy, four-petal flowers in pink or white appear from spring through summer, followed by bright red and orange foliage in the fall. Winter brings showy bright red fruit for a final splash of color.


Goldenrod adds tall spires of yellow to the garden. This garden plant is deer resistant, drought tolerant, and great for erosion control in the landscape. Goldenrod also attracts birds and makes for pretty cut flowers.


Irises are constructed with three upright "standard" petals and three drooping "fall" petals, which are sometimes different colors. While the classic colors are purple and white, this flower can also come in yellow, orange, pink and red. Some species prefer alkaline soil while others prefer acidic soil.


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