11 Blooming Plants with Breathtakingly Big Flowers

These plants will give you the most bang (and bloom) for your buck.

pink camellia japonica julia france

Get the most bang (and bloom) for your buck with these garden selections. These plants are known for their big, standout blooms. Be sure to include a few selections with big flowers to add drama and visual interest to your garden.

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bright orange and pink hibiscus flower

When you think tropical, think hibiscus. These colorful big flowers with prominent stamen can be the size of a dinner plate and come in shades of pink, red, yellow, orange, and white. While most petals are generally one color, they're often studded with a contrasting "eye" in the center of the blooms.

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pink oriental lily stargazer flowers
Jay Wilde

Lilies are known for their sweet fragrance, spear-shaped (sometimes speckled) petals, and bold and bright centers. Lilium 'Star Gazer' is one of the world's most popular lily varieties, with speckled magenta trumpets edged in white. This bulb's big flowers can be over 6 inches wide.

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white lotus flower with high depth of field

The lotus flower is a staple in any Asian-inspired garden, especially those with water features and ponds. The blooms of this delicate flower can reach up to 12 inches across. As they open, the petals reveal a crown of golden stamens that gradually gives way to a large ornamental seedhead.

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large red peony paeonia bloom

Peonies are popular flowers that are common picks for bouquets and wedding flowers. The lacy, layered blooms give a soft and elegant look, then open to expose a textured yellow center. Peonies thrive in full sun but will tolerate partial shade.

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common sunflower helianthus annuus bloom

Sunflowers are big, beautiful, old-fashioned blooms that fit into every garden. They have sunny yellow flowers with brown, seedy centers. Classic sunflower blooms can grow to be the size of an adult's head!

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large pale pink dahlia flower and buds

Dahlias make a bold statement in the garden with spiky, colorful petals in a full, layered pattern. The flowers bloom in mid- to late summer. Some varieties of dahlias can have blooms 10-12 inches wide.

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comtesse de bouchaud clematis purple flowers

This showy vine is always a hit in the garden. The summer-blooming varieties have big flowers with contrasting centers; some have striping or veining patterns. Clematis flowers can be up to 7 inches wide.

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large bright orange poppy single bloom

Five-inch-across blooms in warm hues of red, pink, and orange make poppies a standout garden flower. The blooms have ruffled petals and a dark center, the most well-known variety being red with a black center. Plant poppies in full sun for the best and biggest blooms.

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Angel's Trumpet

close-up of single angel trumpet flower

A showstopping shrub that transforms any space into a tropical getaway, angel's trumpet boasts huge, pendulous blooms with a pleasant fragrance. The big flowers of this plant come in pink, orange, yellow, white, and the occasional purple, and can grow up to a foot long, depending on the variety. These low-maintenance shrubs are also deer-resistant.

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pink zinnia flower with depth of field

These tough, long-blooming annuals are a great addition to any cutting garden and come in myriad colors (excluding blue). Low-growing varieties of zinnia are perfect selections for borders. The 4-inch-wide flowers prefer to be planted in full sun.

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pink camellia japonica julia france

These rose-like flowers have soft and delicate pink, red, and white petals. Camellia is a broadleaf evergreen shrub; the leaves are used to make tea. Some varieties open to expose a textured yellow center.

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