Videos: Top Gardening Basics

Bulb Planting Basics
Start your garden right with our how-to videos that demonstrate some of the most basic gardening tasks.

Get tips and tricks on how to get rid of weeds in your garden.

Weed Your Garden

See the best way to pull a weed to help ensure it will never come back!

Mulch is a gardener'€™s best friend. Learn more about using mulch in your garden.

Use Mulch

Mulch is beneficial to your garden for several reasons; hear why from Garden Editor Justin Hancock.

Get the tips you need to create stunning container gardens.

Create a Container Garden

For quick and easy color in the garden or on your deck or balcony, plant a container with a mixture of annuals. Hear Garden Editor Justin Hancock's tips for success.

A tree is one of the best landscaping investments you can make. Get tips for planting a tree to get it off to the best possible start.

Plant a Tree

Get your new tree off to a great start with our tips to planting it properly.

Learn how to divide your daylilies and get more plants for free.

Divide Dayliles

Easily expand your flower beds with blooming daylilies right from your own garden! See our quick tips to getting the job done.

Learn how to divide ornamental grasses in your landscape to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Divide Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are great for adding pops of height or creating privacy along a backyard patio. See how you can divide existing specimens to expand your garden.

Learn how to grow easy-care onions and garlic in your home vegetable garden.

Grow Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are probably some of the easiest vegetables to grow -- see why here!

Get tips for pruning spring-flowering shrubs to keep them attractive and healthy.

Prune Spring-Blooming Shrubs

Ensure gorgeous spring blooms by pruning your shrubs at the right time!

Get your questions answered on how to plant bulbs, along with some out-of-the-ordinary ideas about where to plant them!

Plant Bulbs

An easy way to add spring or fall color to your garden is to plant bulbs. Follow our tips to get the perfect blooms.

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