Top Plant Picks for Late-Summer Color

Zinnia ‘Profusion Cherry’
Keep the color coming on strong through the end of the growing season with these easy-care, reliable annuals and perennials.

Bee Balm

Properly deadhead this native perennial and enjoy pyrotechnic blooms all summer. The fireworklike flowers draw the eye through the garden and lure butterflies and hummingbirds.

Zones: 3-9
Size: 1-4 feet tall; up to 2 feet tall

Pink-and-White Celosia

This sun-loving, old-fashioned annual produces a profusion of 4- to 5-inch feathery plumes from summer into fall. Start seeds indoors five weeks before last frost.

Size: 1-4 feet tall; 6-18 inches wide

Pincushion Flower

This robust, rapidly growing, sun-loving perennial produces blue, pink, or violet blooms on erect gray-green stems from midsummer to fall.

Zones: 3-8
Size: 12-15 inches tall; 12 inches wide


Deer-resistant, summer-blooming bulbs show off purple globelike blossoms. Look for late-blooming varieties such as Allium 'Millennium' (shown) and Allium tuberosum.

Zones: 4-9
Size: 18-36 inches tall; 12-18 inches wide.

Spider Flower

Spider flower or cleome stands stately with eye-catching, loose ball-shape clusters of flowers that bloom from summer to fall.

Size: 2-6 feet tall; 1 to 2 feet wide

Lacecap Hydrangea

The graceful flattop flower clusters of a reblooming, lacecap hydrangea yield well in sun- to part-shade-loving gardens showcasing their white, pink, or blue flowers all through summer.

Zones: 5-9
Size: 3-5 feet tall and wide

Threadleaf Coreopsis

This clump-forming perennial produces airy stems of yellow daisylike blooms spring through summer. With a moderate growth rate, it shines in a sunny border.

Zone: 3-9
Size: 1-3 feet tall and wide

Cupid's Dart

Large dark-center blue, violet, or white blooms rise on sturdy stems with heart-shape leaves. A hardy perennial, these plants bloom from summer until fall in sunny sites with well-draining soil.

Zones: 4-9
Size: 18-24 inches tall

Rose Mallow

This quick-growing, shrublike annual produces exotic summer blossoms in pink, white, or rose-color and will reseed in the right conditions. Rose mallow prefers sun to part sun in average soil.

Size: 3-5 feet tall; 2-3 feet wide


The more you cut, the more it blooms! Plant this annual in the sun for continual blooms form summer till fall.

Size: 24-30 inches tall; 12-18 inches wide.

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