No-Brainer Seasonal Flower Guide

Need some help deciding on the perfect seasonal perennials for a specific season? Have no fear -- your perfect flower planting guide is here! Enjoy beautiful seasonal flowers every day from spring to fall with our guide to perennial flowers by bloom season.

Perennials are loved by gardeners for their ability to grace a landscape year after year, often growing stronger and more beautiful as they age. But unlike ever-blooming annuals, most perennials have a relatively short bloom season, lasting from a few days to a few weeks. Planting a variety of perennials with staggered bloom times ensures flowers in your yard all season long.

Here are a couple of tips for success when planning your seasonal flowers:

  • Remember to plant perennials with showy foliage or other seasonal attributes so that when the flower burst is finished, attractive leaf color or pattern, seedpods, or texture remains.
  • Increase the volume of plants you use if you want season-long color. Where three or four annuals brighten a bed with nonstop blooms, you may need at least a dozen different perennials to ensure long-lasting color.

Utilize the list below as your seasonal flower guide to help you plan out your seasonal perennials.

Spring Seasonal Perennials for Shade

These spring flowers will brighten any shady area. Planted in low light, these seasonal perennials are low-maintenance and low-risk in attracting pests -- lots of lows with high benefits as an addition to your flowerbed.

Spring Seasonal Perennials for Sun

Need a little something more to liven up your sunny space? These sun-loving perennials will add brightness to any sunny area -- and they'll grow back year after year. Give them a try!

Late Spring to Early Summer Seasonal Perennials for Shade

Bring in the sweet, sweet summertime with these spring and summer flowers that love the shade. Bright colors and exploding foliage make for exciting accents in a shady corner spot. Park a bench near your shade garden, grab a book, and relax with a view of your gorgeous perennials.

Late Spring to Early Summer Seasonal Perennials for Sun

Welcome sunny days and warm weather with plants that can beat the heat. This section of the seasonal flower guide features low-maintenance summer flowers that will naturally grow with pride. These sunny summer flowers will frolick and scatter, creating beautiful summer scenery.

Summer Seasonal Perennials for Sun

Summer Seasonal Perennials for Shade

These perennials bloom in the summer but don't necessarily enjoy the sun's rays. Find a shady, cool spot in your garden for these low-maintenance beauties. See shade secrets from the BHG Test Garden!

Late Summer and Early Fall Seasonal Perennials for Sun

Summer is coming to an end, but autumn is just around the corner. Feel the soft, cool breeze and smell the fresh scent of these beautiful fall flowers from our seasonal flower guide. Add these colors to your space to help the summer season live on just a little longer.

Late Summer and Early Fall Seasonal Perennials for Shade

The sunny days may be dissolving, but these seasonal perennials will still thrive. Enjoy scenic grasses through the changing leaves with these shady fall flowers and plants. These seasonal perennials will perfectly complement a fall garden color palette.

Late-Summer Perennials We Love

Add drama and interest to your late-season garden with these perennial flowers.


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