11 Ideas for Growing Mums in Your Fall Garden

Mum is most certainly the word. These long-lasting blooms are a must-have for any fall garden. Browse stunning varieties of perennial mums, and learn creative ways to incorporate fall garden mums into your landscape.

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    The Right Mum for the Right Place

    Perennial mums are a key element in any fall garden. Mum plants require minimal upkeep, last for a long time, and thrive in container gardens. Available in a variety of stunning colors and eye-catching varieties, flower mums are as diverse as they are easy to care for.

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    Chrysanthemum 'King’s Ransom'

    This mum's unique pink-and-purple curling flowers make it a garden showstopper. The mum flower's light color adds a delicate, still-holding-onto-summer touch to a fall landscape. Try planting in bulk or with other varieties of mums for a breathtaking floral effect.

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    Easy Outdoor Fall Window Box

    Fall garden mums aren't the only harvest plant we're crushing on. Learn how to welcome fall to your home with a window box full of autumn favorites like pumpkins and gourds. The box is completely customizable, so feel free to add a personal touch or use colors that complement your home's exterior.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Ivor Mace'

    If you're looking for big, beautiful blooms, this variety of garden mum is for you. This show-worthy mum flower is like a ray of sunshine in your garden. Its pretty petals provide unmistakable golden-yellow fall color, while delicate curving florets add texture.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Whiteout'

    If you're not a fan of traditional mum colors, try a neutral bloom instead. Perfect for a container garden, this short mum plant shows off wonderfully white curling florets. Although sizeable, the blooms remain upright.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Lava'

    This bright yellow mum looks like a firework caught midexplosion. The ends of each floret feature fiery reddish-pink curls for an added pop of color. These blooms will add brightness and texture to any garden.

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    3 Tips for Your Fall Front-Door Display

    There's more to outdoor autumn decor than Halloween decorations. Learn how to get a stunning harvest-inspired front-door display in three easy steps. We'll show you how to use natural elements to boost curb appeal and celebrate the season.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Kimie'

    Mums are known for their hardy blooms and long-lasting life, but some varieties are tougher than others. Very weather-resistant, these hardy mums grow stiff, long spooned florets in a single row around a small disk. Their bright yellow color ensures they stand out. 

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    Mums in Containers

    Growing mums isn't limited to the ground. Potted mums add a perfect pop of color to any doorstep decked in autumn decor. They can stand alone in smaller pots, enhance a window box, or mix with other fall plants. 

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    Create a Carpet of Fall Color

    Who needs groundcover? Planting mums in a large swath helps them turn into a sea of color come fall. Try interspersing different varieties throughout for a colorful, textured look.

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    Create a Mix

    A mum plant can round out any fall display. Mix with pumpkins, gourds, apples, and hedge balls for a space that's unmistakably autumn. Other fun accents—like a basket or bows—add a personal touch.

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