Low-Maintenance Garden Plants for Your Region

We'll show you some of the easiest, low-maintenance perennials to grow in your region. Click through to find your area.

The South

Ranging from steamy Florida to the Appalachians and parts of Texas, the South can be a tough place to grow low-maintenance garden plants. Ensure success with these beauties.

The Midwest

From the prairies to the forests, you can find a host of easy maintenance plants perfect for the Midwest. From peonies to hostas and daylilies, we'll help you pick the best plants for your garden.

The Northeast

You can't go wrong growing easy maintenance plants like astilbe, bee balm, or lily-of-the-valley in the Northeast. No matter how cold your winter or how hot your summer, you can rely on these tough-as-nails low-maintenance garden plants for loads of garden color.

The Pacific Northwest

You can grow a huge array of easy maintenance plants in the Pacific Northwest. But there are plenty of challenges, too — from erratic weather to giant slugs.

The Mountain West & High Plains

This region, with its often dry conditions and rocky soils, offers gardeners a challenge. But you can create the low-maintenance garden of your dreams with these extra-easy maintenance plants.

The Desert Southwest

Plants have to be extra tough to survive the arid conditions of the Desert Southwest. Savvy gardeners have long relied on the likes of salvias, penstemons, and agaves for easy-growing color in this region.

Southern California

No matter how little time and energy you have to garden, you can grow beautiful low-maintenance garden plants with these tough but easy maintenance plants.

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