Fall perennials are the anchor of any garden. See our favorite fall perennial flowers and plans that will power your garden through the first frost.


After a long, hot summer, the autumn garden doesn't have to end in a sigh. It's time to spice things up. (And we're not talking about pumpkin spice-flavored everything.) Spice up your garden this fall with beautiful, fall-blooming perennials so you can enjoy your garden longer.

'Fireworks' Goldenrod

'Fireworks' goldenrod is an award-winning classic for almost every fall garden. It's a reliable tough plant, and pollinators love it. Goldenrod can grow to a whopping 8 feet, making it an eye-catching autumn perennial in an open landscape. This fall perennial is deer resistant, drought tolerant, and attracts birds with ease. The best part: It won't aggravate your allergies in the changing seasons.

Adagio Maiden Grass

Bring autumn to your garden with wisping fall grasses. Although there are many varieties of maidenhair, one of the most popular for modern gardens is 'Adagio' because of its dwarf habit. It's also a sterile cultivar, which means it won't reseed all over the garden and become invasive. If watered weekly, it will add its charms all fall.

'Standing Ovation' Little Bluestem

Go for some even hardier perennials this fall season! Little bluestems are popular native warm-season grasses, but many varieties have a tendency to die off late in the season. Not 'Standing Ovation', a new variety that doesn't fade or flop as temperatures fall. It's a deer-resistant perennial that handles drought well and is extremely low-maintenance.


Hardy leadwort, also known as Plumbago, blooms throughout the season. Its bright blue flowers provide an unexpected pop of color in the fall as the rest of the landscape fizzles. It's a drought-tolerant groundcover hardy in Zones 5 to 9.

Pitcher Sage

Pitcher sage is a North American native that provides an alternative to Russian sage. Pitcher sage grows in a variety of soil types and reaches 1-8 feet tall. This deer- and rought-resistant perennial also attracts birds with its beautiful blooms. (Unlike other varieties of salvia, pitcher sage is not an herb meant to be eaten.)

'Lidakense' Sedum

Add this to your list of fall perennials to plant this season. Hardworking, drought-tolerant sedums come in a variety of sizes, like this groundcover called 'Lidakense'. These small succulents will welcome fall and stick around for the winter cold. 

'Honorine Jobert' Windflower

Windflowers—which come in shades of white, lavender and pink—have been popular perennials in American gardens for well over a century. This species of Anemone keeps deer at bay with an aromatic fragrance. The fall perennial variety 'Honorine Jobert' is a hybrid native to France that fills your garden with up to 3 feet of natural beauty.

Salvia leucantha

Hardy to Zone 7, Salvia leucantha hits its colorful peak when cooler temperatures set in. This perennial attracts an abundance of birds to its beautiful blooms that cover in a  rainbow of colors.

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September 20, 2018
The photo above purporting to show hardy plumbago is actually a photo of a flower of a different genus; it is Plumbago auriculata, which definitely is not hardy - it is a native of South Africa and blooms continuously spring through fall but must be brought indoors before the first frost. Ceratostigma plumbaginoides is the hardy leadwort whose photo should be up there in this article.