Returning year after year, perennial plants are a great investment in your garden. We'll help you find the best perennials to grow to have a beautiful yard nearly year-round.
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More Than 1,000 Peonies Fill This Colorful Midwestern Garden

With 1,000 plants and counting, this Iowa gardener shares what she has learned about caring for the most romantic of flowers.
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Succulents vs. Cacti: What’s the Difference?

With low-maintenance, indoor-appropriate plants like succulents and cacti trending hard, many people don’t realize that the two are in fact members of the same family.
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Your Guide to Growing Succulents from Seeds

With more than 2,000 species of succulents and cacti suitable for decor, it’s worth your time and effort to try growing them from seeds. This allows you to experiment with combinations without going broke.
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More Perennials

16 Long-Living Perennials We Love

Perennial flowers are prized for their ability to perform year after year. But not all perennials are alike. Some will bloom beautifully for three or four seasons and then slowly decline, while others can last for decades. Here's a roundup of some the longest lasting perennials.
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11 Long-Lasting Blooming Perennials

Enjoy the blooms in your garden for longer than a few weeks. These perennials are the best bang for your buck, giving you long-lasting, blooming flowers for years to come.
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Pampas Grass Is the New Natural Home Decor Item We're Loving

The feather plumes of this ornamental grass make a soft statement in the home. Join our obsession with this versatile plant.