Get your flowers soon, so they'll bloom in time for the holidays.
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The holidays need a few things to be complete, including your Christmas tree and all of your beautiful decor. Even if you're not having the usual big feast this year, a gorgeous centerpiece is just the display your table needs. For anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money—save that for the gifts—or isn't big into a DIY project, a waxed amaryllis bulb makes for the perfect focal point for your holiday table.

wax amaryllis
Credit: Courtesy of Breck's Gifts

These eye-catching flowers are found at a variety of retailers for easy shopping. (You can also get them shipped to your front door, so you don't even have to leave the house.) Etsy has a version with a gold wax that sells for $27, or a 3-pack with wax stands for $77. Breck's Gifts sells single ones in gold, silver, or red wax for $35 each. You can also find a one-piece with red wax at Target for $23 or a three-piece option for $45. And The Home Depot also has a three-pack of bulbs for $45.

wax amaryllis trio
Credit: Courtesy of Willard an May/Etsy

Wax Amaryllises are super easy to grow, and the result is stunning as the bulb blooms a few flowers. They take about four to six weeks to blossom, so you'll want to order them now to have them ready by Christmas. Pair a single bulb with a few other festive items as a centerpiece, or buy a few (maybe with different wax colors) and display them as they come. However you decided to arrange them, your wax Amaryllises are sure to impress.


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