What Do You Do With a Gerbera Daisy After it Quits Blooming?

What do you do with a Gerbera Daisy after it quits blooming?

Gerbera daisy comes in and out of bloom when grown in the garden. However, if grown indoors it will often not rebloom. If your daisy is indoors and not growing, you may just want to toss it. Outdoors, be patient and it will come back again. Just be sure to keep these plants slightly moist. In some places, such as Illinois, these plants are annuals and will not tolerate outdoor conditions after frost hits.

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  1. My Gerbers had blooms on them when I planted. The blood died and haven't bloomed since. What fertilize should I use and can I water them too much. The plants are pretty green and healthy.

    1. I got mine for mothers day and it was blooming great. It stopped blooming and I read if it didn't get enough light it won't bloom but the foliage will be beautiful. So I planted it in a partial sun part of my garden and it bloomed all summer. I just used Orthenex food for all plants that I use every year. Now I have it in the house and it has two blooms surprised because I didn't expect that.

  2. My mom puts her Gerber daisy on the basement every year during cold months. Waters it sometimes and gets it back out in the spring. It blooms beautifully and she has been doing this with the same daisy for 6 years.

    1. Is her basement dark & cool? Wondering because mine is finished. I put my plant in a large pot with my hibiscus so I could save it. So far seems ok. Does she feed it? Thanks for any help :)

  3. My Gerbera keeps trying to bloom, creating short flowers but the foliage is so large & dense the flowers never grow tall enough to show. What should I do about it?

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