7 Heat-Tolerant Annuals That Bloom All Summer Long

Keep your garden vibrant even when it's hot with these sun-loving annuals that bloom through the entire season!

Believe it or not, some plants actually like to be hot. While most flowers suffer when temperatures rise, there are actually annuals that can take the heat—and thrive in it! Before you plant a garden full of our favorite heat-tolerant flowers, learn how to care for them with a few simple life-extending tips. These plants may be hardy, but they still need some summer loving.

Choose a Large Container

All of these annuals grow well in containers. If you decide to go that route, make sure to choose a good-sized pot, since smaller containers dry out more easily. For an eye-catching container garden, mingle plants that require the same care but differ in color, height, and texture.

Water Frequently

Although these annuals can beat the heat, they also like to stay hydrated, so give them a drink every other day.To determine whether your pot needs to be watered, stick your finger into the dirt. If the dirt is dry, it's time to hydrate. If the soil still feels moist, you can probably wait another day.

Keep in mind: If you rely on the rain to care for your plants, the water will most likely hit the leaves and fall off, rather than dampening the soil. In other words, don't trust afternoon showers to give your plants a decent water supply—a hose will do a better job.

Remove Past-Their-Prime Flowers

To ensure that your annuals bloom all season, deadhead any blossoms that look wilted or dead. This will make room for fresh, new flowers to take their place.



Mandevilla is a tropical vine that promises vertical impact, growing up to 20 feet tall! This towering plant features trumpet-shape blossoms in shades of white, red, or pink that are showy but not the least fit finicky. Although mandevilla is an annual, it can be overwintered in your home as long as it's kept in a bright, sunny spot (away from kids or pets, since it's poisonous if eaten).



One of the easiest annuals to grow, ageratum not only handles the heat admirably but can also endure the frost. Pair that hardiness with pest-resistant qualities, and this just might be the perfect plant for the beginning gardener. It also brings a beautiful dose of unusual color to your landscape as one of the few plants in the world that blooms a true, natural blue.

Scaevola aemula


Sometimes called fan flower, scaevola is a tough annual native to Australia, so it's no wonder this plant can withstand heat and drought. This sun lover produces small, finger-like blossoms that fan out, showing off their vibrant color, which ranges from lavender to blue to white. Scaevola looks gorgeous as a cascading plant from pots, baskets, and window boxes and requires little maintenance. In fact, there's no need to even deadhead spent blooms, since scaevola self-cleans.

Persian Shield

Persian Shield

Native to Myanmar, Persian shield is a leafy plant that thrives in Zones 9 and up and can be overwintered as a houseplant. This captivating plant is usually grown as an annual—it's an ideal centerpiece for a container with its iridescent purple, green, and black foliage. Persian shield is also deer- and rabbit-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the colorful leaves falling victim to wildlife. In northern areas, it prefers full sun, but in southern states, it may like a little shade.



Coleus puts on a nonstop show throughout the season. There are several different types of coleus, ranging from shade- to sun-loving, single to multi-colored leaves, and with different leaf sizes. This easy-to-grow annual thrives in warm weather as long as the soil is moist. More light equals more saturated leaves.



SunPatiens are essentially a heat-tolerant version of the ever-popular shade impatiens. These flowers are ideal for a sunny container garden, and they can even be grown as a houseplant in a bright indoor spot. If you're looking for sun-loving annuals that bloom all summer long, these beauties are a reliable bet. They can even survive frost.


Licorice Plant

Drought-tolerant licorice plant has a soft color and texture, making it a great backdrop to more colorful counterparts in a garden or pot. As a trailing vine, it's a wonderful "spiller" in a container garden, and its fuzzy leaves protect it from pests. In the hot summer sun, this low-maintenance plant may give off the smell of licorice, hence its name.

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