Heat-Tolerant Annuals That Bloom All Summer Long

These annuals make gardening in the heat anything but impossible. And they'll bloom throughout the entire season!

Plant a flower garden that will bloom all summer long.

Believe it or not, some plants actually like to be hot. While most plants will suffer in the summer when temperatures rise, we're here to talk about annuals that can take the heat—and actually like it!

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All of these annuals grow well in containers. The smaller the container you use, the easier it will dry out, so be sure to pick a large container for your annuals. For an eye-catching container garden, utilize plants that require the same care but differ in colors, heights, and textures.

Although these annuals beat the heat, they also like to stay hydrated, so give them a drink every other day. Editor's Tip: To know if your pot needs to be watered, stick your finger into the dirt. If the dirt is dry, your pot needs water. If it's not, you can probably wait another day.

Be aware that if you rely on rain to water your plants, the water from the rain will most likely hit the leaves and fall off, rather than dampening the soil. In other words, don't trust that water from rain is giving your plants a decent water supply—a hose will do a better job.

To ensure that your annuals bloom all season, be sure to deadhead blooms that look wilted or dead. This will make room for fresh, new blooms to take their place.


Mandevilla is an annual vine that doesn't mess around—it can grow up to 20 feet tall! The plant flowers trumpet-shape blooms in shades of white, red, or pink and is identified as a tropical and subtropical plant. Although mandevilla is an annual, it can be overwintered in your home as long as it's kept in a bright, sunny spot.


One of the easiest annuals to grow, ageratum not only takes the heat but also can handle frost. That, plus its pest-resistant qualities, make it the perfect plant for the beginning gardener. Another fun fact about ageratum is that it is one of the few plants in the world that blooms a true, natural blue.


Scaevola is a tough annual native to Australia, so it's no wonder that this plant can take the heat. The plant produces small, fan-like blooms that range from lavender to blue to white. Scaevola looks gorgeous as a cascading plant from pots, baskets, and window boxes. There's no need to deadhead spent blooms, either—scaevola self-cleans and keeps itself in production.

Persian Shield

Persian shield is a leafy plant that thrives in Zones 9 and up and can be overwintered as a houseplant. This captivating plant is an ideal centerpiece in a container with its iridescent purple, green, and black foliage. Persian shield is also deer and rabbit resistant, so you don't have to worry about the colorful leaves falling victim to pests.


Coleus puts on a nonstop show throughout the season. There are several different types of coleus, ranging from shade- to sun-loving, single to multi-colored leaves, and different leaf sizes. This easy-to-grow annual thrives in warm weather as long as soil is moist. With coleus, more light equates to more saturated leaves.


SunPatiens is essentially a sun-loving version of the ever-popular shade annual impatiens. The blooms are ideal for a sunny container garden, and it can be grown as a houseplant in a bright spot indoors. The best part about SunPatiens is that it blooms all season long and can even take on frost!

Licorice Plant

Licorice plant has a soft color and texture, making it a great backdrop to more colorful counterparts in a garden or container. This trailing vine acts as a wonderful "spiller" in a container garden, and its fuzzy leaves protect the plant from pests. In the hot summer sun, this plant may actually give off the smell of licorice, hence its name.


  1. Persian Shield is perennial in our zone8b yard. We plant it in pots- have the same three plants we have had for years!!! There are other zones where some of these annuals are perennial...including begonias that you have stated "there are no perennial begonias". We always have them returning regularly.

  2. I wish you would say what zone they do best in. I live in zone 9 and fine that most flowers don't do well in that zone...Thanks

    1. Persian Shield is a shade plant in zone 8b...SE AL 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. But mandevilla loves the southern sun all day!!! Sun Patients don't do well here in full sun all day? Mine get AM sun and afternoon shade and are gorgeous. Mexican sunflowers are one of our favorites../annual but grows from seeds and filled with bright orange blooms - ours are 6-feet plus tall and are in full sun all day!! Great plants for the Deep South!

    2. Zone 8b...my Sun Patients work well but not in full sun all day!! They are beautiful but they get AM sun and afternoon shade...tried them in full sun and they looked horrible.

    3. I am also in zone 9 (Lakeland area) and have had excellent results with the mandevilla (sun parasol) on a trellis, and the Sun Patiens in large tubs. They both bloom profusely and add a lot of color to my garden.

  3. I really enjoyed the video. I live in Florida where it's hot and sunny so it's great to know what types of plants bloom all summer long. Going to buy some! Thanks!

    1. I live in SE AL...70 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Try Mexican Sunflowers in your area. They are gorgeous this year. Will take all day sun and as long as you cut off the bloom heads after they drop petals they will bloom - and grow - till it gets cool! Ours are 6-feet or taller and filled with bright orange blooms. Annual in our area but seeds are readily available...got ours at our local Master Gardeners plant sale. Check with your local plant nurseries...the are the best source of information about what grows in your area. Local Master Gardener organizations also can supply help. Check with the local county extension service to get info about MG programs. Unfortunately many of the beautiful things you see on the internet - like peonies - won't grow down here. Daylillies are our peonies!!! They do well!!! LOL!!Good luck!!

  4. My ageratum is not doing well this year and wondered why.
    It is planted in a sunny spot and have watered well but very slow coming.??

  5. SunPatiens...new to me! I'll look for that!

    1. great bloomers, from spring until the frost gets them. easy to take care of

    2. Sunpatiens is a brand-new F1 hybrid, only available as a transplant. It has been HIGHLY vulnerable to Saint Louis heat; barely surviving. NOT blooming, needs daily water, costs A PILE!

  6. I love the Mandevilla & the ageratums; many times the seeds dropped by the ageratums come back.

  7. You didn’t indicate, other than the first flower, whether these flowers can grow in sun, shade, or part shade. This makes a big difference.

  8. Yes. Please include zone information, that would be so helpful.

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