Even though they only last until frost, annuals are all-stars in the garden because of their fast growth and vibrant colors. Learn more about our all-time favorite annuals and how to care for them, as well as new varieties that you can count on for a colorful show in your garden.

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Begonia Care Tips and Varieties You Should Try

Begonias are a crowd favorite, and for good reason. These hardy plants have blooms and leaves with varying colors, textures, and sizes, making them work in any garden setting.
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6 Tips for Planting a Beautiful Container Garden Every Time

Picture-perfect planters and well-designed containers can be yours when you keep a few simple things in mind. As a bonus, we've also included a few plant combination ideas for sun and shade container gardens to get you started.
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Stunning Types of Mums to Brighten Your Fall Garden

Mums are a key element in any fall garden and with their showy colors and unique petals, it’s clear to see why they’re a plant-lover favorite. Chrysanthemum plants require minimal upkeep, last for a long time, and thrive in container gardens. Browse these stunning and rare varieties of mums, available at Kings Mums.
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When You Should Set Out Your Mums

Potted chrysanthemums often appear for sale at your local garden center or grocery store long before summer is over. But should you buy them yet? Find out the optimal time to set out mums to prolong their seasonal blooms.
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Tropical Container Gardens

Celebrate hot weather with the bold, graphic foliage of plants from the tropics. Try one of our nine favorite tropical container combinations, or create your own.
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Heat-Tolerant Annuals That Bloom All Summer Long

These annuals make gardening in the heat anything but impossible. And they'll bloom throughout the entire season!
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Deer-Resistant Annuals

These colorful deer-resistant annuals are easy to grow in gardens and containers.