Test Garden

In half an acre, the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden® holds more than 2,500 shrubs, trees, perennials, vines, and annuals in 22 distinct areas, including a shade garden, a rose garden, a shrub collection and sunny borders—to name a few.

From the Test Garden

About the Test Garden

You have to grow it to know it. Whether it's testing a new plant variety or trying a garden trend, we do the ground work (literally) in the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden® to help you grow a better garden.
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Visiting the BH&G Test Garden

Next time you're in Des Moines, schedule a visit to the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden®. With plantings in bloom all summer long, you won't want to miss it.
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The Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden is located on the Des Moines, Iowa, campus of Meredith Corporation, publisher of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and dozens of other lifestyle publications.
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Enjoy these views from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden in Des Moines, Iowa.
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A Complete Guide to the BH&G Test Garden

Located in the heart of downtown Des Moines, this gem is a quiet getaway with a winding walkway to guide you through colorful and unique plants, fountains, arbors, and more.
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What's in Bloom


These tough perennials, known for their intense fragrance, will return year after year.
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Commonly known as false indigo, this rugged native prairie plant features tall spires of colorful blooms along with attractive blue-green foliage. Flowers are followed by large clusters of showy seed pods that dry out as they mature and create a rattling noise in the breeze.
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Summer's Here!

Top 5 Power Perennials From the BHG Test Garden

The Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden tries out new varieties of favorite perennials every year to find out which ones will truly shine. Get a peek at our top picks that are sure to make a powerful statement in your garden with their eye-catching colors and textures, without needing a lot of maintenance.