Summer Flowers in the Test Garden

Stachys 'Pink Cotton Candy'
Take a look at the flowers of early summer in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden®.

Spring and Summer Bulbs

'Lollipop' Asiatic lily creates this duet with Globemaster' allium. One of our best naturalizing lilies, 'Lollipop' provides a thick groundcover and is a perfect backdrop to show off early alliums.

Shady Lady

Small, creamy flowers top the lacy foliage of dwarf goatsbeard. Keep it near a path or at the front of a shady border so it's not overrun by large hostas and coralbells.

Flowers and Foliage

The large purple flowers of Campanula 'Viking' are hard to miss behind the variegated foliage of Golden Zebra daylily. The two add a tropical, exotic feel to the Test Garden.

Lilies in the Test Garden

Asiatic lilies are among the stars of the Test Garden in June. The deep wine-color flowers with dark centers of 'Blackout' provide drama to this perennial bed.

Beautiful Bellflowers

Situated adjacent to the entrance to the garden, this 12-inch-tall spotted bellflower (Campanula punctata 'Elizabeth') welcomes guests with its subtle beauty.

Easy-Care Yarrow

Yarrow is one of the easiest perennials to grow, and 'Pink Grapefruit' provides bright rosy flowers for many weeks if deadheaded. Its short, compact size allows it to be at the front of our border.

No-Fuss Shrub Roses

All the Rage shrub rose blooms from late May through September in our garden. Its bright pink flowers and shiny, disease-resistant foliage certainly are worth talking about.

Beautiful Hydrangeas

We have many hydrangeas in our Test Garden, but Endless Summer 'Blushing Bride' is one of the most elegant. The pure white semi-double flowers will mature to a soft pink.

Glorious Groundcover Roses

This disease-resistant shrub rose is easy to grow and maintain in the landscape. The coral buds of Flower Carpet Amber rose open to rich tones of apricot, gold, and pink and bloom throughout the summer.

Delightful Daylilies

An All-American Daylily winner, 'Leebea Orange Crush' has strong stems to hold up its big blooms. A rich orange flower with a rosy-red eyezone makes this daylily a real hot addition to any landscape border.

Colorful Coneflowers

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' is just one of the many new coneflowers appearing on the market. The big, double orange-red flowers make it one of our favorites.

The Layered Look

This trio of 'Moonshine' yarrow, big betony 'Rosea', and creeping thyme illustrate how easy it is to layer plants for added dimension in your perennial beds.

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