Test Garden Secrets

The Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden® is the best place to see the creativity, ingenuity, and skill of the Better Homes and Gardens editors. If you've never seen it in person, don't despair: The garden secrets learned in the Test Garden are yours to use in your own garden.

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5 Raised-Garden Bed Secrets From the BHG Test Garden

Raised beds are a solution to a couple of gardening nightmares—whether it be weed invasion or soil compaction. From durability to pest control, here are some tips from the BH&G Test Garden that will help you make the most out of the raised beds in your garden.
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Top 5 Power Perennials from the BHG Test Garden

The Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden tries out new varieties of favorite perennials every year to find out which ones will truly shine. Get a peek at our top picks that are sure to make a powerful statement in your garden with their eye-catching colors and textures, without needing a lot of maintenance.
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Perennials the Test Garden Loves

The obvious reason we love perennials is that the plants can be enjoyed for years to come. Does your garden need an upgrade? Give it an updated look with these unique perennial varieties that you don't see every day.
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Shade Garden Secrets from the BH&G Test Garden

Shade gardening takes some planning, and with the right knowledge, you can have a shade garden comparable to your sunniest space. Make the most of shady areas with these tips straight from the BH&G Test Garden.
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Deer and Rabbit-Resistant Container Garden

Filled with ornamental peppers, dusty millers, marigolds, and euphorbia, this pest-proof container garden can be safely kept on your front porch or beside your own garden.
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More Test Garden Secrets

Visiting the BH&G Test Garden

Our beautiful garden continues to trial plants and try out techniques, but is temporarily closed to visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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Summer Flowers in the Test Garden

Take a look at the flowers of early summer in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden®.
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